Alertan de robos de aguacates en Tenerife en plena campaña

Arrested for stealing half a ton of avocados

Rock Team Civil Guard As part of the Comandancia de Las Palmas’ powers to prevent thefts in rural agricultural and livestock facilities, an investigation has been launched against four men aged between 40 and 55. property crimesBy accessing farms in the towns of Arucas and Gáldar dedicated to agricultural exploitation, especially for avocado production.

knowledge of facts

The Civil Guard has learned in recent months TruthsAs a result of citizen cooperation and complaints from the owners of avocado production farms, some have decided to install video surveillance cameras as producers have been making higher thefts on their farms due to the increase in avocado prices in recent months. Being able to present evidence, cooperate and clarify these criminal acts and thus reduce thefts is an important resource for clarifying each of the crimes committed and attributing the author.

Police investigation and investigation

Civil Guards carry out appropriate investigative procedures to clarify criminal acts, such as detailed footage of the existing cameras where the crimes were committed, observing how the person entering the farms after breaking the perimeter fence, etc. Despite using a hat and mask to block his identity, after a grueling process to clarify his authorship, this person’s Acknowledging the facts, on this occasion 200 kilos of avocado was stolen using the same working style on two different days, despite the finding of a local resident with the same physical description that resulted in his investigation for his alleged involvement.

In addition, surveillance of the places where illegal acts were committed, appropriate investigations and investigations to establish the residence of the alleged perpetrators, and technical police inspections of the farms, thus bringing together all police investigations for detection. perpetrators of crimes. criminal acts.

It should be noted that sufficient data has been collected to provide indications that some of this stolen species is not only sold on the streets, but in some cases entered the agricultural and hotel market; Having a traceability that proves their suitability for consumption, with the Civil Guards having to carry out different inspections in the establishments in the municipality of Gáldar, not finding anomalies in them.

Since the wave of robbery suffered by farmers was not only in the municipality of Gáldar, but also in the municipality of Arucas, as a result of citizen cooperation, two people, one of whom was carrying a bag of 15, were identified in the district center. While trying to sell one kilogram of avocado and another 9 kilograms of avocados to passersby, the Civil Guard agents once again determined that there were no complaints, and efforts to find the owner began. Finally, after interviews with various farmers in the area, upon seeing the caught variety, a possible injured person is found at the police station who personally knew him without a doubt, not only because of the avocado variety, but also because of the alleged claim. even the tree from which they were taken, since apparently the fruit tree in question suffered from a disease before, which caused the fruit to take on a very special shape.

For all the seizures carried out in recent months, the Civil Guard clarified the theft of more than 500 kg of avocados, had to find the owners of the affected farms several times, because in some of them they did not even file any complaints, remembering. importance of the latter as it is a vital source of information at the police level.

Be aware that anyone who buys products from the Civil Guard outside of the legal market, apart from the risk involved, may be subject to an admissions offense under the Criminal Code, punishable by six months to two years in prison.

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