a guarantee of a good mood to face the day

a guarantee of a good mood to face the day

It happens to all of us when the alarm clock – or mobile alarm – goes off in the morning and we want to get some more sleep. The truth is, getting up early costs a bit, but do yogaThe benefits of looking into the day too early are many.

Not all of us benefit from doing a body workout first thing in the morning, so gyms are crowded with people in the afternoon, but if you have the opportunity to do yoga in the first light of the day, do it. At least it guarantees that.
Stephanie Michelle
and meditation. The expert teaches Gong Yoga classes at two centers in Madrid and tells us why it is so important to practice this discipline.

In any area of ​​life, the hardest thing is getting started, right? How do you start yoga?

Before you start practicing yoga, it’s important to know that you don’t have to be flexible or strong; these qualities are the results of practice. You don’t have to adapt to yoga, yoga adapts to you. As you exercise, your muscles get stronger and your joints become more flexible. It is also important to know that breathing is fundamental, we breathe fluently and continuously through the nose during yoga practice. I also recommend forgetting the conclusion, there is no bad person for yoga, in fact, bad practice is not practiced. Yoga is about connecting with the present moment through sensations and breathing, it makes no demands. And this is a mental practice where, of course, the body also has its own.

Are physical and mental changes noticed quickly?

Regular practice of yoga not only improves our brain health and physical fitness, but also affects brain-controlled functions, stress, anxiety, hormonal functions, sleep, digestion, blood pressure, sexual appetite, mental state, learning capacity. , memory, expression of compassion and empathy, aging… It takes constant practice, no matter how many days a week or how long the yoga session lasts, to realize the benefits. Consistency is the key. And I think you start to see some changes from the first month.

Therefore, is it good to do yoga every day?

Philosophically speaking, yoga is not just about doing asanas; Yoga is a set of techniques of which the practice of posture is just one of these techniques. Yogis practice yoga on and off the mat every day. And as for the practice of asana (posture), it can be practiced every day, but when we start it is recommended to do it two or three days a week to allow the body to rest.

What is the best time to practice this discipline?

The best time to practice yoga is the day and time when you can, although it’s true that mornings will always give us the bonus of starting the day with a better attitude, the sense of lightness and calmness we all need. face the day brings us I believe it gives us good mood, good temperament and energy.

“Yoga is, of course, a mental practice in which the body also engages itself”
Stephanie Michelle yoga teacher

Are there some asanas that are more recommended than others if we practice them in the morning?

Of course, we can do any pose in the morning, taking into account the level we are at or the time we started yoga. You should always start by warming up your body a little and then move on to more challenging or advanced postures. But we can start with Cow and Cat Pose to activate the spine, Downward Facing Dog, Triangle Pose to stretch the sides, Warriors Sequence and Sun Salutation. That’s to name a few.

What advice would you give for those who can’t do it first thing in the morning?

If you can’t do yoga in the morning, nothing happens, the idea is that you adapt it to your lifestyle and fit into your routine. Look for a moment of the day when you know you have some free time before continuing with your activities. It is very common to practice yoga at lunchtime or before going to bed at night and even right after work.

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