How sharing information about 3D printing has improved the health of more than 150 people worldwide

How sharing information about 3D printing has improved the health of more than 150 people worldwide

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How can we put technology at the service of people? That was one of the questions Guillermo Martínez asked himself and found the answer to on a trip to Kenya. 3D printing could help people with arm injuries.

so he was born Ayúdame3D is an entity comprised of a large number of collaborators and 3D ‘makers’ who create and manufacture prosthetics for people from all over the world., thereby allowing them to fend for themselves and improve their employability or schooling. about a second chance for people, given their economic or social conditionsthey would not have access to purchase these devices.

This organization, which has become a world reference in the research, development and distribution of assistive devices produced by 3D printing, Available in over 50 countries and helping over 150 people this yearIt is a whole ecosystem where information is shared and cooperation is ensured. solve problems collaboratively. This is exactly what enables this entity to succeed in its mission of helping the most vulnerable groups. Hundreds of 3D printing experts share their knowledge to produce prostheses according to the needs of each person and deliver them wherever needed.

Share contacts and connect

At Ayúdame3D they are not just dedicated to the manufacture of prosthetic arms, they also have a network to share their knowledge and expand their range of action.. Thus, they have a entrepreneurship ecosystem A strong social component based on inclusion, accessibility, equality and empowerment.

through this network, train volunteers and connect creators and people who need helpwhere they promote technology and social work with the most vulnerable groups, as well as disseminating their mission and values ​​in local organizations and educational and social centers.

Guillermo Martínez, creator of Ayúdame3D.

sustainable development

In addition to improving people’s lives and health, this project also contributes to the sustainable development of the entire planet. The prostheses are made with PLA, an ecological, renewable and biodegradable plastic derived from plant sources. under certain temperature and humidity conditions. 3D technology also allows these devices to be made from recycled plastic, promoting the circular economy and environmental care.

Thus, the Ayúdame 3D strategy, United Nations Sustainable Development Goalswhich aims, among other things, to eradicate poverty, protect the planet and ensure that all people enjoy peace and prosperity.

Better Connected, inspiration and learning stories

“We want to make our world more human by connecting people’s lives together,” he says. José María Álvarez-Pallete, President of TelefónicaIt’s a content platform where different characters try to show the idea, referring to the cause that Mejor Conectados was born with. “When we’re connected, we can do great things”. “At Telefónica, we believe in a more human world. A world that moves thanks to people’s talents. That’s why we support the talent we know best: connecting it. Better Connection It wants to be a place to be inspired, meet, connect and achieve incredible things,” he adds. Rafael Fernández de Alarcón, Telefónica’s Director of Global Marketing.

Like this ‘Incredible Stories’ Y ‘Learn with the experts’users find any reference, both from well-known personalities such as tennis player Rafa Nadal, chef Ferrán Adriá and Paralympic swimmer Teresa Perales, as well as more anonymous individuals such as Smart Protection’s Javier Perea or violinist Kamran Omarli from the USA. Telefónica Violin Head of Queen Sofia School of Music. Moreover there are tips, reflections and ‘master classes’ From other big names like Perico Delgado, Iñaki Gabilondo, María Zabala or Amaya Valdemoro.

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