"More and more people from Ceuta are working and developing in the online gaming industry"

“More and more people from Ceuta are working and developing in the online gaming industry”

we talked to Rebecca Chacon, head Bet on Ceutaabout the activities of this association in the autonomous city and its objectives in terms of online gambling, such as the promotion of gambling responsible and be middleman Among the actions between companies and authorities also promoting education through higher courses and programs To be the first organization to promote projects and workshops in the game industry, planned and conducted by professionals with many years of experience in the game industry.and technological development from the city.

  • What is a Bet on Ceuta? What are your goals?

Bet on Ceuta is an association established in 2019 to protect the interests of the online gaming industry in Ceuta. Since its inception, we have promoted and educated responsible gaming and favored education and local employment. We coordinated training courses and activities between operators and suppliers to inform, disseminate and consolidate capacities in achieving industry goals to create wealth and jobs in the city.

The association also acts as interlocutor with local and national authorities, defends the interests of the sector and mediates on matters related to gambling regulation in our country.

Bet on Ceuta has actively participated in regional and national conferences and workshops aimed at educating, informing and promoting the responsible use of new technologies and games of chance to promote responsible gaming.

An example of this would be the FEZ project, sponsored by the association, which, in collaboration with the Sustainable Play platform, organizes a conference to prevent behavioral addictions through the principles of education, training and awareness of the use of new technologies.

This project, among others, has made BOC a finalist in the “Best Responsible Gaming Initiative” category at this year’s J-Digital Awards.

  • How many partners do you have? How many employees are they adding? What about billing?

BOC is made up of 22 operators, including different brands, game providers and legal advisors, with some groups operating.

Although the gaming industry indirectly creates numerous jobs both in the city of Ceuta and in the rest of Spain, the number of employees covering the association exceeds 350 people.

BOC is a self-funded, non-profit association with membership fees tied to each company’s turnover. These fees range from €2,000 to €4,500 per year for companies that invoice more than €30,000,000 during the year.

Rebeca Chacon, President of Bet On Ceuta / ANTONIO SEMPERE
  • What are the services offered to related companies?

Bet on Ceuta acts as the spokesperson for the respective operators and gives them a voice before local and national authorities to defend the interests of the gaming industry.

The association promotes social relations, cooperation and advice between different partners, promotes joint projects to bring visibility to the sector and coordinates both activities and workshops in favor of responsible play, as well as organizes special courses and training aimed at creating employment and specific positions. sector.

Those associated with Bet on Ceuta receive visibility into local associations, advice from the local public administration and the publication of contracts, recruitment aids and subsidies related to the gaming industry.

We promote joint projects to bring visibility to the industry and coordinate activities and workshops in favor of responsible play.

Rebecca Chacon

  • What activities does Bet On Ceuta conduct?

Bet on Ceuta has organized different courses and workshops to promote responsible gaming, honesty in sports or the resolute use of new technologies, and lectures in advanced education cycles to make young people aware of the job opportunities offered by the technology sector.

The association is deeply committed to sports and has organized several intercompany padel tournaments that encourage the participation of employees from all relevant operators, but also places special emphasis on inclusive sports where everyone takes part.

Last year, BOC sponsored the 3rd Proi participation race organized by the José Zurrón Petanque Club and the 1st ‘For Entry’ petanque tournament, as well as several sports clubs such as Ceuta Empire.

Culture is another highlight that BOC wanted to be here for last year, so we don’t hesitate to sponsor the book fair, the FES project, the cinematographic event “terrace encounters” or the first Photo & Video opening, Francis Valero. Monument Submarine”.

In addition to these events, workshops and competitions, the BOC wanted to collaborate to show its most human face by sponsoring the charity gala on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the Canonical Coronation of the Patron Saint of Ceuta, thereby raising money for the struggle. against cancer.

Through these activities, the BOC wanted to demonstrate its commitment to the city and its defense of the gaming industry and its interests.

The association is very committed to sports and has organized several intercompany padel tournaments encouraging the participation of workers from all relevant operators.

Rebecca Chacon

  • What is your participation in fairs?

Bet on Ceuta has held several conferences on gambling and taxation, where professionals and experts discuss industry-related issues, express the advantages the autonomous city offers for companies, and promote the establishment of new operators and job creation.

The same idea was defended at various events and fairs such as SBC. Summit Barcelona-Digital II. BOC participated in the last 3 years. Congress ‘Sustainable Cross-Border Cities’ or ‘Ceuta investment destinations’ forum sponsored by the association.

Bet on Ceuta is an interlocutor with local authorities, but at the same time tries to promote cooperation and cooperation of partners; for the first time this year, they managed to enjoy their Booth BOC with special discounts for members, opening paella and free concerts during the Ceuta fair.

Rebeca Chacon, President of Bet On Ceuta / ANTONIO SEMPERE

Ceuta’s tax advantages are numerous, and they are even more pronounced for operators based in Ceuta, where a 10% tax on their net profits is imposed instead of the 20% applicable in the rest of Spain.

Rebecca Chacon

  • What are the Ceuta tax benefits for online games?

Ceuta’s tax advantages are numerous, and they are even more pronounced for operators based in Ceuta, where a 10% tax on their net profits is imposed instead of the 20% applicable in the rest of Spain.

Other benefits will be the 12.5% ​​corporate tax, which was reduced to 7.5% in the first two years of implementation. There are also numerous deductions of around 50% applied to various areas such as social security contributions, inheritance tax, property transfers or local taxes.

Other bonuses reach even higher amounts, such as 60% applied to individuals’ income or 75% applied to wealth tax.

In addition, the provision of services in Ceuta is subject to the Production, Services and Import Duty IPSI, which represents 4% compared to 21% in the rest of the Spanish territory.

  • What are your goals for the future?

Bet on Ceuta wants to continue to grow and fight to achieve its goals, not only in the interests of the operators, but also to become more and more involved in the life of the people of Ceuta. We want to defend an industry that has been demonized over and over and show a different reality. The reality of a legal, responsible, regulated and committed industry that creates quality jobs, bets on local talent, and invests in infrastructures that reinforce the joint growth of the industry and the city.

  • How is the reputation of the industry today?

I believe that the reputation of the industry has changed at the same time as the society’s perspective on game operators who have settled in the city.

More and more people from Ceuta are working and thriving in this booming industry that offers countless possibilities for professional development. I believe that our employees are the best ambassadors of the gaming industry, as they are aware of the reality of the industry, the implementation of responsible gaming policies, the accuracy and randomness of games, the transparency of payments, and numerous verifications and audits. internal to detect, prevent and combat all forms of fraud.

The support of local authorities and the BOC’s visibility through sport, culture and charitable activities have also helped make visible a bias-ridden industry that has come to be recognized thanks to the work of all and the support of many.

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