Who is prohibited from playing the Christmas Lottery and why?

Who is prohibited from playing the Christmas Lottery and why?

As every year, Christmas, one of the most enjoyable times of the year, is approaching. And with that comes the long-awaited day for many: on December 22, The day of the Christmas Lottery draw. There are those who have started to buy their tenth month before this day, many of them are buying from different administrations and places as well as buying. This is perhaps because the illusion of being able to count on this additional income is an illusion that recurs in many families every year.

However, no matter how excited we are, it is important to know. Not everyone can play the Lottery. There are some cases where the reward cannot be collected in case of touch.

What Law regulates the Christmas Lottery?

While few people know about it, there is a law regulating the game and the Christmas Lottery lottery within it. This law is the Gambling Regulation Act of 13/2011, a series of Prohibits playing different games of chance. Therefore, these limitations apply to all bet types, not just the Christmas Lottery.

Who cannot play the lottery (or any form of gambling)?

According to the aforementioned law, those who cannot play and therefore cannot collect the prize, In case of touching them, these are the following groups:


Those under the age of 18 They cannot be part of any bet, be it the Christmas Lottery or any other bet. In this case, their parents or legal guardians must participate in any sweepstakes this person wishes to participate in.

legally incompetent

Those who are not legally licensed will also not be able to play or collect the Christmas Lottery. As with the little ones, There must be legal guardians who place the bets on their behalf, buy decimals or go collect them.

game addicts

Those who are addicted to gambling can request their voluntary inclusion in the no-gambling list. However, this voluntariness is not possible for people who have a definite judicial decision that gambling is prohibited. Like this, Both participation and collection of different prizes are prohibited.

National Gaming Commission

Government Lotteries and Betting Managers may not participate in any sweepstakes or bets organized by the institution they preside over. However, they will be able to participate in sweepstakes organized by other organizations. In addition, this prohibition is not only for them, but also It includes all relatives up to the second degree.

Likewise, it is regulated in the law that these people cannot participate in the drawings, although they do not preside over the organizations that have duties related to inspection and control.

Other assumptions not included in any bet

Finally, there are other situations where you cannot place any bets. These are the shareholders, participants and owners of the operator of the game in question. You cannot participate in the same way. not attracting anyone involved in the organization, preparation and development of sweepstakes. Likewise, their spouses, spouses or cohabitants, descendants or first-degree superiors will be able to perform these transactions in the same way.

In all these cases, the ban determines that they cannot participate in the sweepstakes with which they are directly or indirectly associated, or through any physical or legal third party.

So the Christmas Lottery is a banned draw for many people, even though it may seem counterintuitive. Like this, It is important to ensure that we can participate Draw before purchasing any tickets.

How are the Christmas Lottery prizes collected?

Before we see how the Christmas Lottery prizes are collected, it is important to distinguish that there are two types: big prizes and small prizes. So if A prize of less than 2,500 Euros will be considered minor. If this figure is exceeded, the prize will be considered a bonus and will be charged very differently.

Those lucky enough to have one of these small prizes should go to the Administration where they purchased the tenth. The amount will be paid from him and in accordance with the dates set for these purposes. On the other hand, going to the bank is essential for big prizes and the amount will be collected by check or money order. In this case, these subscriptions will always belong to the winner of the prize.

As every year, the Christmas Lottery is already many families and houses in the form of decimals and illusions. However, if you want to be able to claim the prize if you are the winner of this sweepstakes, it is very important to know how it works and who can be a part of the sweepstakes.

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