Do you want to enter UNI? Pronabec capabilities provide the keys you need to successfully pass your admissions exam

ERP. Gilberto Colquier and Linda Anccana have set themselves a goal since they graduated from school: National University of Engineering (UNI) is one of the country’s most prestigious higher education institutions, with the entrance exam consisting of three exams in the same week. Both talents from the Ministry of Education’s National Scholarship and Education Loan Program (Pronabec) ensure that they achieve their goals with effort and perseverance.

Gilberto, a Civil Engineering graduate, states that the entrance exam requires applicants to have a high level of knowledge, particularly in mathematics and science. To achieve these, you must have a clear concept of the issues, complemented by the use of strategies such as memorizing formulas or data that you can solve for exercises in a reasonable amount of time. The professional adds that one must also learn to control and regulate emotions.

Linda, who is an architecture graduate, believes that the high level of knowledge that applicants must achieve is an advantage as it gives them a good foundation to successfully complete their profession. “To enter my career, I also had to pass the vocational aptitude test, which measures artistic and spatial sensitivity and knowledge of architecture and the arts.”pointing out.

Talents share their keys to take the UNI entrance exam:

  • Be self-disciplined. Prepare a schedule of the lessons and days you will study, paste it in a visible place in your home and stick it to it. Remember that the result of all your efforts now will be seen in the future.
  • Check supplementary material. Stay interested in learning more and don’t settle for what the school or academy has to offer. So check out other books you need to prepare or exchange brochures with your colleagues.
  • Set up a workspace. It’s important to set aside a noise-free and well-lit area in your home where you can practice everything you’ve learned.
  • practice and connect. Understand the theory and relate it to other topics and everyday situations, this will help to better understand the topic. In addition, you should do solving exercises that show a certain degree of similarity to past entrance exams.
  • persevere. Get to know the courses that cost you the most to learn and devote more effort and time to them. You can also be a part of study circles to get the support of your classmates on these issues.
  • take some time to relax. Try to find moments of distraction and thus avoid stress. For example, you can work for 50 minutes nonstop and give yourself 10 minutes to drink a glass of water, chat with a family member, or stretch your body.

It should be noted that UNI was founded in 1876 and, thanks to the quality of its education, has an institutional license from the National Inspectorate of Higher University Education (Sunedu). This house of higher education offers 29 professional undergraduate careers in Physics, Physics Engineering, Chemistry, Environmental Engineering, Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Civil Engineering, Geological Engineering, Textile Engineering, among others.

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