Multiple casino openings are expected in Mexico.

Multiple casino openings are expected in Mexico.

CDMX.- Mexico is on track to complete new casino projects, many of which are under construction and many more to come.

In 2017, casinos in Mexico were banned, but a year later the ban was lifted, contributing to the rapid growth of the betting industry. Since the ban in Mexico ended, about 805 casinos have been allowed entry. Two hundred and six of them had already been built.

There has been such a boom in industry that even towns like Fresnillo in Zacatecas without betting rooms have been given the green light through state and federal authorities. Building your first casino in 2020.

Immediately after the change in legislation and the removal of the casino ban, the state of Tamaulipas reported that 30 casinos were set up across the state. That was in 2018, unfortunately with the advent of the coronavirus pandemic, most of them casinos, along with other businesses, had to close their doors. Of the 30 people who were in 2018, only eleven are currently still operating, and two more are expected to open their doors by the end of this year.

While many of these businesses have closed, the business licenses still apply, meaning that many casinos may reopen or even entirely new ones in the future. This is good news not only for the casino industry, but also for the tourism industry, which will play an important role in the recovery of some of the economy after the pandemic.

The gambling industry is thriving in Mexico.

The betting and gaming industry is growing by leaps and bounds in Mexico, the betting industry is always in the headlines because either business is booming or new business alliances are being created. This is where one of the strongest branches of the online betting, betting and casino gaming industry comes into play. Many of the biggest companies already operate in Mexico and have even been known to form alliances with different media giants to grow their markets.

In this way, online gaming continues to increase, leaving countless benefits behind. Every day, there are more and more players on the Internet finding multiple platforms where they can enjoy a real casino experience from their home, trying their luck at slot machines. playing a live poker or roulette tournament among many other game options.

With the boom of both live and online casinos and the rapid recovery of the betting industry, the stress on different systems and processes has also increased, leading to potential problems such as corruption, rule avoidance, among others.

It’s not just something that affects the betting industry, but it’s something that can occur in other sectors of the market as well. This is where regulations, preventive measures and legal tools come into play. Therefore, the Mexican Government has an enormous task to ensure that everything surrounding the betting industry remains in legal order.

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