Todo en innovación para una digitalización en la Salud Global, el viernes 18 en el Club Prensa Asturiana de LA NUEVA ESPAÑA

On Friday 18th at LA NUEVA ESPAÑA’s Asturian Press Club in all innovations for digitalization in Global Health

“Innovation for digitalization in global health. Management, management and public-private cooperation of this transformation” Headline of the day that will host the Asturian Press Club of LA NUEVA ESPAÑA, starting at 11:00 on Friday, November 18th. Organized by the Acelera Pyme office of the Oviedo Chamber of Commerce, the session is a unique opportunity to listen to the best experts in a subject that is nothing but the future healthcare model. It will be performed by the presentation. carlos paniceresPresident of the Oviedo Chamber of Commerce and White Faustin, Director General of the Principality of Asturias Biomedical Research and Innovation Foundation (FINBA)

Fernando de Pablo Martín will intervene, Director General of the Madrid City Council Digital Office, who will talk about worked They will talk about innovation by the institution and success stories at Global Health: David Benet Ferrus Chief Treatment Area Ophthalmology and LifeHub BCN Bayer Spain Leader; Xavier Marfa Pons’s photo.Head of SANOFI Spain Pharmacovigilance and Gabriel Cerra GonzalezCEO of Immersive Oasis

Biotech sector on the rise in Asturias

The Biotechnology Sector is growing year-over-year in Asturias with nearly a hundred companies dedicated to Innovation in Global Health. Scientific research, along with technological developments in health, contribute to the smart transformation of the health sector. The conference will provide first-hand information on how they can help improve global health through technological advances and innovation.

this Accelerated SME Office It is a program born with the aim of promoting digital transformation in small and medium-sized companies, freelancers and entrepreneurs through the adoption of a culture, the use and permanent use of ICT in their business strategy. The Acelera Pyme Office of the Oviedo Chamber of Commerce has assisted over 500 companies and conducted more than 34 training sessions with a wide variety of themes and more than 1,000 attendees. More than a hundred of the 500+ recommended companies were from the rural area of ​​Asturias as the action areas of different camera antennas spread across the Asturian geography.

top heroes

Ferdinand’s Pablo Martín, Managing Director of the Madrid City Council Digital Officehas a long professional career in both private companies and the public sector. He is a Telecommunications Engineer from UPM, a member of the State Administration’s Higher Corps of Information Systems and Technologies, and serves as the Secretary General of Digital Management at the Ministry of Interior. Politics The Regional and Public Mission, which is responsible for defining and executing the Digital Management and Digital Utilities strategy of the State General Administration, also coordinates with the CCAA and EELL in this regard. He is also the President of the State Trade Association for the Management of Innovation and Technologies for Tourism (SEGITTUR).

At this event, we will also be lucky to have large companies presenting their success stories in the field of Digital Innovation in Global Health. One of the companies is Bayer Iberia, which traces its presence in Spain back to 1899. It has one of its factories in Asturias where the total production of Acetylsalicylic Acid, commonly known as Aspirin, is produced. will attend that day David Benet Ferrus Head of Therapeutic Field Ophthalmology and LifeHub BCN Bayer Iberia Leader who will talk about the company’s latest innovation projects.

Another company that will participate in the event is Sanofi Hispania, directed by Asturian Raquel Tapia. will be in the day Xavier Marfà Pons, head of pharmacovigilance. The company has more than 240 R&D Research centers and more than 300 researchers collaborating with the company, there are currently 68 studies under development. And the local company that will participate in this very special event Immersive Oasis, a subsidiary of the Carac Group, Enhances a la carte training with augmented reality glasses and tourist immersion. Its flagship project is the virtual reality operating room, where medical teams located in different parts of the world can perform the intervention physically as if they were in the operating room of any hospital in the world.

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