The Ministry of Education recommends online pre-registration for the second year without an entrance exam for boys and girls starting kindergartens and primary schools, as well as adolescents in the first year of high school.

By Decision No. 4221/2022, the Ministry of Education of the province, the pre-registration period for admission to the 2023 Primary, Primary and Secondary levels of all public education units, social and community management – common and technical modalities – will be held from 1-15 November of the current year .

Like last year, it will almost certainly be through the state’s Comprehensive Education System (SIE). In this way, it aims to facilitate the registration process and to have integrated, real, systematic and up-to-date educational information about students at compulsory levels and their methods.

Students may enroll in up to two institutions in order of preference (1 and 2) to ensure secure entry. During this time, if doubts arise about how to pre-register, the district education directorates will counsel teachers face-to-face.

It has been confirmed that there will be no entrance exams from the portfolio and that the registration or final approval of vacancies will take place in a priority order that seeks to guarantee fairness and equal opportunities for all students.

In this sense, the sons and daughters of the same teaching and service staff will always have priority to enroll in a particular education unit; children of guardians in cases where the creation of the organization has the purpose of serving a particular industry; students who have siblings in the school establishment; students residing within the school radius (1000 metres) and, finally, students whose fathers or mothers have an approved business address within the school radius (addresses must be accredited through reliable documents).

After the pre-registration is approved, the institution will continue to draw if there will be more than the number of applicants at the same preference and priority level, in order of preference and priority. for such open positions among the above-mentioned applicants.

It should be noted that the pre-registration period does not mean final registration. From 23 to 29 November, the pre-registration corresponding to the 1st preference order (the first institutional option on the Pre-registration form) will be confirmed; Between 30 November and 6 December, pre-registration corresponding to the 2nd preference order (second option) will be confirmed.

During these weeks, the educational institution will contact parents to confirm the allocation of vacancies, after reviewing the documents and confirming the accuracy of the data recorded in the pre-registration forms. Then, from 1 to 15 December, the enrollment process will be completed in person: the responsible guardians or parents must submit (to the Ace) before the education unit, together with the enrollment form, documents confirming what is stated in the pre-registration form. This year, pre-registration coupons issued by the SIE System will use the QR code for verification; Valid coupons to be accepted are only coupons for which the code has been entered).

Documents to be submitted include: photocopy of the student’s DNI (and CUIL if not detailed in the DNI), proof of completion of primary level for secondary level entrants; and teachers’ CUIL proof. Where verification of real or work address within the school radius is required, supporting documents should be attached. The school authority may request additional supporting documents when identifying potential inconsistencies.

Students who pre-register but cannot find a place at the institutions referred as Preference 1 or 2 can re-register online or in person at other institutions with open quotas after the final lists are announced (vacant places will be opened). will be on display at SIE from 16 December); Those who carry out the process of selecting a new institution will be their parents or guardians, and they will have until the first concurrent obligation of 2023.

Within the first 5 working days (February of each year) following the first simultaneous enrollment of institutions’ teaching and administrative staff, vacancies will be confirmed and the institution will notify teachers of the requirements for the submission of supplements. documents. : physical fitness certificate, health certificate, dental certificate and vaccination card.

Private schools, Special Education and Adults

As already mentioned, Resolution 4221/2022 reaches all public education units of state, social and community management. Private administration education institutions will arrange the procedures and dates regarding the pre-registration, registration and registration of students in accordance with the provisions issued by the Provincial Directorate of Public Education of the Private Administration.

On the other hand, education units of modalities that are not included in this first stage in the SIE Pre-Registration Module, such as Special Education and Youth and Adult Education schools, will carry out the pre-registration procedures within the same institution. deadlines In the decision, personally, respecting the same order of priority.

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