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His uncle was Dominican, even though he didn’t want to. He immersed himself in many branches of science.

Writing (15/11/2022 08:09, Gaudium Press) One day the young Alberto was in Padua. When invites himno listening to a priest reputed The Saxon visits the region called Jordan. Alberto was studying at the University of Padua to perfect himself in liberal arts and philosophy. Giventhen to yourself: “Fame must coincide with the man, so we’ll go see him.” Moreover there was something else attracted him this That the Dominican General is German like himself.

then go I hearda, Y to staya Subdued by the light from Blessed Jordan; then he promises himself his same militia. D.In fact, his meeting with the Blessed Jordan of Saxony was only a confirmation of his vocation to religious life, for the Virgin had already appeared to him and invited him to leave the world. Alberto of Bavaria was then 20 years old.

He swore at the age of 26. And although his uncle, who was his teacher, was against it, the profession was stronger and that was it. this Alberto would be Dominican from a catalog, a handbook: It was not only the monastic life that attracted him, but also He had a unique talent for doctrine, theology, philosophy, and science.

He finished his theology in Bologna and went to Cologne to teach his brothers of habit. His reputation as a thinker and teacher they are increasing. It deals with many branches of science such as cosmography, meteorology, climatology, physics, mechanics, architecture, chemistry, mineralogy, anthropology, zoology, botany and astronomy. People start calling him Doctor Universal.

He also went to the University of Paris. He spent 50 years of his life teaching.

It has the merit of introducing Aristotle into Western Catholic thought, which provides a very solid foundation for theology as dogma is aligned with correct human reason. This paved the way for him to enter the scene. great light of catholic theology, universal doctor, Saint Thomas of Aquino.

St Thomas and St Albert the Great

It is said that St. Thomas prayed to one day meet St. Albert the Great. One day, the superiors decide to take the newbie Tomás away from a family. so was i who meddled in his religious profession and was sent to Cologne, where was he San Alberto province. Providence thus fulfills his wish. between the two is a sealed deep science and virtue alliance alliance of saints.

But as the saints are thoughtful and humble, St. Albert soon realizes Aquinas’ superiority. One biographer describes it this way: “When the Angel lauds the Doctor, as if he were the one who discovered all truth and solved all problems, he goes to such an extreme that he completely forgets the value and virtue of his own work. Problems.”

After the death of St. Thomas, which he did at a very young age, St. Albert was said to have been unable to mention his name without being impressed. to tears.

Pope He chose him as Bishop of Regensburg because someone his size was needed to deal with certain issues. But after doing your job (was only there as bishop for two years)He asked the Pope to allow him to return to the monastic life given to him.

He faced the heterodox with determination, serenity and at the same time philanthropy. But he did not hesitate to paint the nature of the heretics with all his ink: “The heathen are like the foxes of Samson: like these beasts, they all have different heads, but are tied by their tails, so always be united when it comes to opposing the Truth.”

God subdued him hard the final test so that she would shine brightly at her court in the sky: He lost his memory two years before he died.

One day, when he was still very young, he got tired of his hard and overwhelming lessons and thought of skipping school. Thinking that you came climbing a laddera at the bottom of the steps When An image of the Virgin comes to life and says to her: “Alberto, why don’t you pray for me to be the ‘House of Wisdom’ instead of skipping school? “And if you have faith and trust in me, I will give you a wonderful memory,” said our Lady. “And when you go to die, you will forget everything you know, so that you may know that I am the one who gave it to you,” she concluded. Our lady.

He died on 15 November 1280 in the Dominican monastery in Cologne.

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