Uruguay can add up to US$10 million a year revenue and 80% of "new players" regulating online gambling

Uruguay can add up to US$10 million a year revenue and 80% of “new players” regulating online gambling

this Undersecretary of Economy and Finance Alejandro Irastorzatold Finance Commission lawmakers who were reviewing the online gambling bill that they had “a lot of creativity.” It was said that this is the basic paste of the game or that the Russians will come and invest in platforms,” he said.

The initiative, which was sent by the executive in 2021 and left the Senate with the support of all parties -with amendments- came to the definition stage after months of analysis: Coalition lawmakers were given until 30 November to resolve the issue.because there are differences and alternative proposals for regulations.

The Uruguay Institute for Children and Adolescents (INAU) was the last delegation to receive the commission on Wednesday, which was attended by the Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF) as well as 12 other gambling-related public and private actors. and betting in Uruguay.

The ruling party’s intention is to get a definition this month. and vote on the project decided in the House of Representatives in December.

Again, Different sources said the text is expected to come out with changes, so it should be sent back to the Senate and its final approval will be delayed until 2023..

Even regulations can undergo major changes, for example, with the creation of a new gambling regulator involved in an alternative project presented by Cabildo Abierto to the coalition.

Among those who voiced their differences of opinion regarding the content of the project, there is also a member of parliament. Ivan PosadaIt leads the Independent Party to have a “very critical vision”, which last week said the controls provided for online play were “weak” and “inadequate”.

During the legislative negotiations, for various reasons, Sebastian AndujarNational Party and CA representatives –sebastian cal Y Alvaro Perrone– showed doubts and objections.

If the bill is approved, only physically established casinos will be able to run betting games in the online modality.

Promoted is an online gaming channel that we already know exists as illegal.Referring to online bets on international sites, Irastorza said.

The current taxation of casinos has not been changed at all. This will be the mirror measure of online games with land-based casinos.”, he added as he appeared before the commission last week.

In response to a question from Broad Front, the national director of casinos, Gustavo Anselmiaforementioned “In principle, the canon would be the same as today” Casinos, i.e. they will get an online gambling license at no additional cost, but as their collections grow, more revenue will come into the State coffers. “We will have to see in the regulation and in the debate whether these figures close for both sides when the time comes,” he said.

Also, despite this.”Today, it is very difficult to say how much income an illegal activity will bring.”, the MEF estimate is as follows: “About ten million dollars remain for the state each year.” extras for online play.

The government delegation, consulted about the system that should be set up for receiving online bets, rejected some legislators’ proposal to have a single State-controlled platform.

The “idea” is to have “three or four” platforms “competing”.Anselmi, he said, and the State, through the General Directorate of Casinos, from Enjoy, from “Hotel Carrasco” and from the municipality.[Montevideo Belediyesi’nin Kumarhanesi var]one each added, guessed he might get one of his own. Park Hotel”.[laIntendenciadeMontevideotieneelCasinoParqueHotel”[laIntendenciadeMontevideotieneelCasinoParqueHotel”

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