Divorce and domestic violence - Diario de Chiapas

Divorce and domestic violence – Diario de Chiapas

Lic. Julio Cesar Zamudio – corporate marketing director of Mexico

In some cases there is a lot of trouble when it comes to divorce, in the beginning everything is happiness and love, but as the years go by everything changes and the problems between the spouses begin, it can be a man or a woman blackmailing each other. For example, there are those who do not want to sign, not because they do not want a divorce, but because they are after a legal case in return for their signature, there are men who do not sign even with that. how they dare to give their children alimony and ask for a pension for the diseases they have without their entitlement, how interesting it is that some men do nothing but make a living, do not like to work, are not responsible to their children and coincidentally start demanding money or pension in exchange for signature, I’m talking about divorce without reason is that one of the spouses does not want to continue the marriage, in reality there is nothing legally the spouse can do. Stop the divorce petition, it may make divorce difficult but it cannot stop, there are people who perpetrate violence from spouse to spouse, even the said violence is used as a reason for divorce, the latter has now become a common practice in different social sectors, divorce dissolves men. Forced divorce, which breaks the marriage bond and enables spouses to conclude another marriage, initiates a whole process such as demand, response to lawsuit, period of evidence and getting rid of them, punishment and resources in any case. In order to dissolve the marriage bond, a divorce case is filed against the other.

When it comes to domestic violence, it is important that both spouses go to psychological therapy and lead a better quality life before going to divorce. Domestic violence has not only increased in the pandemic, it has always been so, machismo and beating men, disobedient and sustained, beating So much so that many women turn their violent lives into a routine, everyone’s psycho-emotional, physical, sexual, economic and familial have the right to a life free from all forms of violence. The number of domestic violence in our country is very high, unfortunately some cases remain anonymous because family members themselves do not report violence. AI is a social problem as it affects those who see it as well as those who take it. As time passes, psychological or psychiatric disorders may occur in people who are violated. There are women who even consider suicide due to domestic violence. In cases of prolonged exposure, unfortunately the authorities do not carry out in-depth campaigns against domestic violence, there is too much material for the prevention and sharing of domestic violence in the home, first of all it needs to be clarified: We all have the right to be treated with dignity because it is a human right, we are all free, dignified and we are born equal in terms of rights, just read the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, it is important by sharing it in the media and social networks. Officials of the 3 levels of government said that the Universal Declaration should not violate article 1 of the Political Constitution of the States for any reason. The dos Unidos Mexicanos, which guarantees that all people will enjoy human rights, and Article 4 of the said Constitution, states that men and women are equal before the law, and that in addition to protecting the organization and development of the family, the authorities should create more offices. Dealing with cases of domestic violence across the country with the aim of preventing, punishing and eradicating domestic violence, if that were the case, there would not be so many divorces or leaving homeless children, leaving helpless children as a result. it is a reality in our country, those who have dominance behaviors, can give to wife, husband, concubine, partner, boyfriend, girlfriend etc. , subjugating, controlling, hitting, insulting or not giving food) aims to humiliate the person, this is an example to future generations and more to women, because many girls do not want to see the fact that they can have a jealous or possessive boyfriend and end the relationship very badly, In fact, if there is a relationship, it can be detected over time. boyfriends are wrong, jealous, possessive boyfriends and future domestic violence perpetrators and beaters are those who want to know where you are at all times, check their cell phones and social networks, change their lifestyles and tastes, and even stop talking to you. her friends are just to please her sick jealous boyfriend, it’s the all-knowing classic, she ends it with a strict routine, girls stop trusting their parents just because their boyfriend wants them and “love” submits, it’s sad that this continues, our country occupies one of the top places in international machismo In fact, slightly more than 90% of men in Mexico are macho, controlling, manipulative. It’s hard to find someone who is jealous and possessive, against macho, how is the situation in Mexico, all girls must learn karate to defend themselves against this macho and misogynist.

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