IV Health and Wellness Awards Recognition of effort and innovation in healthcare

IV Health and Wellness Awards Recognition of effort and innovation in healthcare

With its fourth edition, IV Health and Wellness Awards Andalusia has become a consolidated meeting point for the healthcare industry. Awards are an initiative. cheerful group, coffees Y rovi. The ceremony, held at the headquarters of Fundación Tres Culturas in Seville, hosted prominent personalities, officials and professionals, and with their continuous work in three different fields; research, pharmacy and patient associations have demonstrated their desire for excellence with a social profession.

Journalist hosted the gala Magdalena Trillo, digital consultant at Grupo Joly. In the introduction to the law, he spoke of the lessons learned during the pandemic caused by Covid and the need to continue to contribute to the social recognition of healthcare workers. Also overnight, Dr. Carlos Babies, President of the Royal Academy of Medicine and Surgery of Seville and President of the Jury.

The ceremony is already a touchstone for the entire healthcare industry in Andalusia.

In his speech, he made an accurate and agile assessment of the social perception of the media and underlined the importance of organizing these awards in terms of supporting the media. the work of companies, groups and professionals who strive for the well-being of others.

“Society should be grateful that initiatives like this are being tabled,” he implied, and that “the job of the print media is when it comes to transmitting scientific information.” Dr. Infantes gave some clues about the birth of the Medical Academy, the development and information coverage of scientific publications keeping up with biomedical developments, digital environments and some events in the fight against the pandemic.

Pharmacy Award

It won an award in the Pharmacy category. Juan Antonio Priego González de Canales. this Five Caballeros PharmaciesWith a history of over fifty years in Córdoba, it has become a benchmark in the pharmaceutical industry. Located in a simple neighborhood outside the walls of the Cordoba capital, the pharmacy was opened to the public in 1965 by Mr. Ramón Priego on the street that gave the pharmacy its name.

The award recognizes its progress over these decades working for pharmaceutical innovation with an outstanding commitment to creating a personalized Magistral Formulation, Nutrition and Dietetics lab, active Dermocosmetic or Personalized Dosing Service. Award given by Bag Canovas, Cofares’s Andalusian delegate and jury member. Juan Antonio Priego implied in his thanks to his father, the founder of the pharmacy, and how he always conveyed “exertion and enthusiasm for a job well done”. He also gave a few words and quotes about the pharmaceutical industry, dedicating the award to his entire team. pigeon neckA philosophical treatise on love by the savior poet Ibn Hazm.

Research Award

It won an award in the research category. Advanced Neurology Center (CNA). Pedro Carretero Trillo Director of Hospital and Institutional Affairs at Laboratorios Rovi was responsible for presenting this award, which came to recognize the work of one of the most complete Neuroscience centers in the country, with research areas for the development of clinical trials. with new drugs. rocio vallejor the CEO of CNA, with co-directors, Hernando Perez Y Juan UrangaThey collected the prize. In his speech, Uranga thanked the work and cooperation of a multidisciplinary team of more than 40 people. This center is currently eight international clinical trials and became the benchmark for the level of excellence in approaching neurological diseases.

Thanking the organization, Uranga wanted to remember that the value of the award is teamwork: multidisciplinary study “What we encourage from this center is something that enables us to conduct high-level studies at the national and international level by observing research studies in the field of neuroscience in a holistic way.” He also talked about his achievements in the field of epilepsy surgery and clinical trials for the development of new drugs. epilepsy, multiple sclerosis and other neurological pathologies. Finally, he stressed that “public and private health must go hand in hand to continue advancing research.”

Patient Award

The award in the category of patients rewarded performance on this occasion. Andalusian Hemophilia Association (Asanhemo). This patient group was born in 1990 to support people with hemophilia and other congenital and carrier coagulation disorders with a comprehensive perspective; trying to reach any area of ​​development of the person suffering from the disease: family, work, school or social. The business designed and implemented the first Comprehensive Care Program for affected people, carriers and family members in Andalusia. Likewise, it offers specialized information and social care services, psychological care, physiotherapy, employment guidance, and institutional coordination and management.

In charge of collecting the prize, Maria del Carmen de Orta, Acting on behalf of the president of this association, Asamhemo member, Juan Francisco Gonzalez. A spokesperson for Asanhemo highlighted the organization’s historical journey in favor of patients, emphasizing that these groups are “an important source of support and help, especially for those suffering from rare diseases”; and “Grupo Joly appreciates the work of all the people who make up the associations and thanks their members. fights to give all patients a higher quality and dignity for their lives”.

The person in charge of conveying this recognition was the Minister of Health, Catherine Garcia, In his speech, he wanted to congratulate the winners and started some reflections on the concepts of health and well-being, which are valued during the pandemic, which is facing “an army of health workers with the whole society”. Therefore, he placed a special emphasis on the value of prevention in particular. the need to comply with immunization schedules. “The respiratory syncytial virus has already arrived, and the flu usually comes in a few weeks later. After two years in masks and very little contact with the flu virus, this year can be difficult,” he said. In this sense, Catalina García emphasized that the vaccines are “safe and effective,” as they demonstrated during the Covid-19 pandemic. For this reason, she wanted to invite people over the age of 60 to be vaccinated against the coronavirus and those over the age of 65 against the flu. Those who take the second booster dose are three times less likely to die from Covid.

Emphasizing that both Kovid and flu are diseases that can trigger “complex situations” for individual patients, he said, “Together, the result can be fatal. We are already confirming this in our hospitals.”

Similarly, he stressed the importance of the childhood flu vaccine for children 6 to 59 months old. “A great achievement for Andalusia and a measure recommended by the World Health Organization and the Spanish Pediatric Association.” In these lines, he underlined that Andalusian pediatricians “strongly” want their parents to be vaccinated for children at this age due to the increase in respiratory tract viruses. “As the Ministry of Health and Consumption, we recommend that you have Covid, flu and pneumococcal vaccines. Make an appointment with your health center now. We don’t remember vaccinations when we go to the hospital bed anyway,” he concluded.

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