New online casinos

New online casinos

As a result of the new crisis we are in cryptocurrency world Caused by the crash of the FTX platform, it went viral social networks a meme proclaimed by a beleaguered investor that “The casino is not fair”.

Astonishingly, in the collective imagination investing in cryptocurrencies or in other risk assets such as “playing Russian roulette” or “betting at the casino”.

If all comparisons are hateful, that’s all the more because it’s like comparing apples to pears. In fact, they are both fruits, but they have nothing to do with each other.

Inside financial markets You invest with future returns in mind and your ability to control the funds you invest is nil. On the contrary, when a person plays in an online casino, they are fully aware that they are playing a game where they can win or lose and it all depends on luck, that damned and elusive luck that sometimes smiles at the lucky ones. .

You must make sure that the casino you want to play in is authorized by the Spanish Gaming Organization General Directorate, if they do not have such authority, do not forget that they are not legal.

What matters while playing a new online casino or to bet on a horse or a football result is to know your limit. Bet only a small part of what you have, without risking your financial stability, personal well-being and the health of loved ones. You know you can win or lose. This is a fundamental difference, for example, when Banco Popular’s investors and shareholders saw that overnight, without hesitation, and against all odds, they lost all the money they had invested in a bank that was then the most profitable bank in the world. .world

Given the unpredictability of investments in a world at war, very high global inflation, and the risks of real “black swans” on the horizon, it is not surprising that more and more people are choosing to devote some of their savings to casino gambling. This is why new casinos are constantly popping up trying to take their place in the sun of that market.

The number of active gamblers in Spain has actually tripled in the last ten years and there has been a significant increase in stakes and the financial results of the sector.

The widespread use of mobile devices with the Internet and widespread Wi-Fi networks become a powerful engine for online casino bettors.

There are dedicated pages that analyze in-depth new offers emerging in Spain through research conducted by experts in web security, manageability and trust. Profit deposit and withdrawal methods, bonuses offered, variety and novelty of titles, security certificates, payment platforms and accordingly the service provided to the client and speed of response to any doubts or demand.

For all these reasons, before trying out new gambling venues, it is important to take the necessary time to be well informed about their features and to have guarantees and not be surprised. As the song says, “Life surprises you”… and sometimes they’re not nice.

Therefore, you should make sure that the casino you want to play at is authorized by the Spanish Gambling Organization General Directorate, a public institution tasked with managing this activity. If they do not have such authority, remember that they are not legal.

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