Garzón targets Glovo, Uber Eats and Just Eat: wants to know if they're delivering healthy food

Garzón targets Glovo, Uber Eats and Just Eat: wants to know if they’re delivering healthy food

alberto garzon It continues to make headlines for one of its consumer portfolio’s only known tasks: launching information campaigns in the media and social networks. against activities deemed harmfulas well as monitoring and tracking their activities.

The last of the ministry, led by the leader of Izquierda Unida, is about an award. agreement More than 43,000 Euros Taxpayers preparing a study on the presentation of the food delivery sector. The report was commissioned by Field Work and Data SL and its purpose is to Whether the offering offered by these platforms, such as Glovo or Just Eat, is healthy for the consumer..

As you see free marketThe tender was approved last Tuesday, November 15, for exactly 35,916 Euros. with taxes added it remains at 43,337 euroshowever, the Ministry of Consumption aimed to spend a maximum of 55,558 euros.

According to the statement, Garzón wants to know what’s going on. A combination of the 30 most requested foods and the 10 most popular menus on these platforms or recommended by apps, in addition to those with the most offers, those intended for children, or those accepted healthy. Same way, He wants to know all the details of what consumers want in each city type and for each income group.: sizes, weights, prices, nutritional information, manufacturers, brands of the menus… Moreover, in a hurry to learn the data as soon as possible, they determined a maximum application time of 45. day report.

At present, the reasons for the Ministry of Consumption to collect all this information are unknown. Maybe a new tax on platforms? delivery? New regulations and prohibitions for the sector? Are there any campaigns to raise awareness of citizens?

Against bets when promoting lottery

On the other hand, Alberto Garzón’s ministry also ran a campaign to warn citizens about this. “The risks of gambling and betting consumption”. The winning company received agreement The American agency MRM has pocketed 195,700 euros through its Spanish subsidiary MRM Worldwide, SA. 236,797 € Although the ministry is willing to spend up to 280,000 euros, taxes are added.

In the award specification, it is stated that the campaign includes television, internet and cinema spots, radio spots or spotify, graphic media, network campaigns and type materials. View.

Also, Garzón’s portfolio makes it clear what the target audience of the campaign should be:Low- or middle-income men aged 18-35, residing in Spainthose who at some point in their life have consumed gambling or betting, or have had the idea of ​​doing so for economic or leisure reasons”.

As a result, the work produced by MRM for Consumption, as a central element of the campaign, 45 second music video. This plays to the rhythm of cumbia, according to the Ministry of some of the excuses of gambling addicts: “Disconnecting is harmless”, “I’m not addicted” or “I get it back if I lose it”. .

This campaign of the Executive surprised many, because the Administration itself, take over the gaming industry, Using Government Lotteries and Gambling, promoting it through the back doorAn organization that finances the State at the expense of sweepstakes like the Christmas Lottery or sports betting like La Quiniela. Only in 2021, Lotteries made a profit of 1,944 million eurosMuch more than the sports betting industry in Spain earns.

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