Letizia and mental health

Letizia and mental health

In recent months, Queen Letizia’s agenda seems to focus on health issues and the defense of women’s rights that we celebrate. Full took part in two mental health incidents yesterday CataloniaA session on mental health and business organized by : Barcelona City Council and one follow-up visit to the facilities of the Private Hospital for mentally handicapped persons Your Sanitary Park (UHEDI) sant joan de deu. Let’s see how they are.

Let’s start from the beginning. When she’s a princess Latvia He spent time searching for an area to chase after, and none of them seemed to quite fit him. He tried educational issues, but they didn’t come together very well; He then devoted himself fervently to raising awareness of rare diseases and was quite involved, but this topic seems to have lagged behind his agenda lately. There was a time when he seemed to dedicate himself to promoting technologies and tackling the technological gender gap, but nothing happened. He has participated in reading-related activities, but these are dripping and the effects are almost nil. Not to mention the collaboration that is still very present and occasionally travels, but it hasn’t quite found its place, despite currently wearing hiking boots and a vest.

everybody’s problem Royal family

In Letizia’s defense it must be said that this is not her only problem. The same thing happened to almost all European princesses. Kate Middleton inherited from his unfortunate mother-in-law, Diana of Walesan agenda for visits to children’s hospitals, events related to cancer and AIDS, and various humanitarian issues; Royal family. Any agenda for a princess in the 1980s, 1990s, and early 2000s – or for First Ladies at all – was cancer on Mondays, education on Tuesdays, hospital visits on Wednesdays, yard work on Thursdays, and so on. . A communicatively inflatable tostón that once showed good results but is now out of date.

Again Kate He made an effort to smile, put on a good facial expression and appear interested, the truth is that he always looked confused and annoyed. Not the Duchess of that time Cambridge and current princess of Wale I had no feelings; they weren’t just his domain. When she finally found topics that caught her attention strongly—mental health and early childhood psychological care—she devoted her whole soul and her work was more than interesting.

It should be taken into account that when Kate He started talking about mental health, the topic was not yet on the political agenda and naming it was almost taboo. Obviously, the fact that the stigma has been overcome cannot be attributed only to the princess – there are countless organizations that have been working tirelessly over the years – but also Kate It succeeded in gaining visibility that could not otherwise be achieved. There are dozens of people following her wherever she goes, whatever she does, it’s in the papers and she uses her popularity to talk about very difficult topics like depression, anxiety and suicide.

Find a great cause

Other princesses, queens and First Ladies do similar things. In the end, they all chose one great goal and committed themselves to it, both physically and spiritually. maximum does a great job as UN adviser on financial inclusion issues; Mary of Denmark focuses on women’s rights issues; Camila, now the new queen consort is focused on helping women survivors of gender-based violence and rape, an issue that is often off the agenda of the royal family but which she embraces with great courage. And by the way, she had some really good talks about it.

Latvia You can do something similar: lend your image to raise awareness about an absolutely necessary topic. Now, of course, it has an excellent platform: since April 12 of this year UNICEF for childhood and adolescence mental health. I said it when the appointment was announced, and now I say it again: this is a well-developed headline. Latvia it is like a glove and can serve to develop a stronger and more executive agenda.

Usual communication problems

Again, I have no doubt that the Queen’s interest in mental health is genuine and she wants to be helpful and make an impact, The truth is, it just keeps getting stuck with the same old problems. First of all, their actions are not well designed and everything is reduced to what I sometimes call the “lecture-seminar format”: come, greet an endless list of officials, go to an auditorium, sit down, listen to a lecture, get up and go. Sometimes there are walks in the facilities and conversations with people, but the content is not over the top, so it is useless. real house He publishes a note on his website with information about each event, but no one reads it to him. In a nutshell, beyond being able to say “the queen has arrived…”, nothing can be said about the actions and therefore their appearance is reduced to simple lists of what she is wearing.

It’s a pity, because most of the time the intention was good. For example, yesterday, when Letizia stopped by CataloniaA very powerful storyline could have been conceived. But it all came down to the queen, who wore red leather pants with a matching sweater.

Seminar on workforce integration for people with mental health problems

Letizia has arrived Sant Joan de Deu Health Parkin his town Sant Boi de LlobregatAn entire institution in the Barcelona Metropolitan Area. He went to an auditorium and listened to the first interventions at the seminar “Occupational and Mental Health: 20 Years of Breaking Stamps”. After the corporate talks with the sociology professor, a dialogue on “The effect of social networking on mental health” was held. Xavier Martinez Celorrio and clinical psychologist Laura Rojas Marcos. Latvia He did not make any speeches, did not give a peek at the gathered journalists.

There was no message and the topic gave a lot. According to the memo itself posted on the company’s website real house“One in four people will experience a mental health disorder in their lifetime, and by 2030 these will be the main cause of disability. Currently, 12.5% ​​of all health problems already correspond to mental disorders, this figure is higher than cancer and cardiovascular problems. it would be nice if Latvia He was going to say it out loud, but he didn’t.

He didn’t mention his important work. Network of Labor Technical Offices between Barcelona City Council (organizer of the event) is the only public organization with a very good program to encourage people with mental health disorders (such as schizophrenic disorder, depression or drug addiction condition) to participate in labor. province

After listening to the lecture, Letizia went to see the Private Hospital Inpatient Unit. Hospitaller Order of San Joan de Deu. Here, we must accept that it is good for him to sit down and talk not only with the medical staff, but also with the families of the patients. Letizia earns a lot when she is with ordinary people in a small committee format.

Overall, it turned out to be an infrequent visit because there were no messages, the format was bad for communication, and Letizia didn’t have a great strategy, a great project directing all her efforts. I have repeated this over and over and I will do it again: Lead something, promote their own projects, be managerial and proactive. The queen should be able to have tangible results and just show up, sit, listen and not leave.

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