Iván Rodrigo: “Hablemos bien de nuestro hospital, de los centros de salud, y de nuestros profesionales, y lograremos entre todos construir un buen servicio de salud”

“Let’s speak well of our hospital, health centers and employees, we will build a good health service together”

PSOE district deputy Iván Rodrigo, on behalf of the socialist group in the Castilla-La Mancha Parliament, asked the People’s Party to start talking well “about Tomelloso Hospital, our health centres, our professionals and our people”. we will all be able to build good health care”.

And according to the same quote, “In 2013 we only saw the mayor of Tomelloso and other regional politicians of the PP talk badly about the city’s Hospital, and today we saw that he spoke badly about Tomelloso’s health, so PP does just that. It’s much easier to find a professional for the hospital. It’s difficult. PP never wanted and never will Tomelloso Hospital,” replied the ‘popular’ MP Lola Merino.

Rodrigo added that this position was “shameful” because despite Barreda’s building it was the conquest of the town of Tomelloso, adding that “Mrs. Merino has no credibility because the newspaper archives still store the trip you took to discover her Alzira model and here’s to Tomelloso Hospital. we have the photograph of the shame of health and there is their commitment to the health of the city,” replied the socialist parliamentarian, pointing to the photo.

Iván Rodrigo remembers that this model of privatization that the People’s Party wanted to impose on the city was a failure and bankrupted all the hospitals that needed to be saved, and now they want to act like public health advocates but not force it; and they are not afraid to tarnish the image of our city and our health sector in order to erode the image of local and regional governments, and they are in a great rush to do so because time is running out, they are cut off. consolidation of services with investment and the advent of professionals ”.

According to Iván Rodrigo, PP stated that he hoped the Health Center would not be renewed, adding, “They were convinced that the judicial process would go more slowly, so when they saw that the proceedings had started, they got angry and vomited poison. lament for not advancing this discussion. A team that went with the Civil Guard to fire the slum company that spoiled their plans. They never expected the image of Minister of Health”.

Evaluating the commitment of the Government of Emiliano García-Page to Tomelloso’s health, he cited figures such as the investment allocated to health workers in 2014 was 26 million euros and 2021 almost closed with 2021. 38 4m euros, almost 50% more investment than when PP reigned. In 2015 there were 75 doctors, today 84; There were 239 nursing professionals, 287 nurses today, 93 management professionals and 119 today.

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In recent months alone, significant mergers have been achieved through public employment offers: one urologist, three gynecologists and one digestive specialist in September; Two ophthalmologists and two emergency cases in October; and two psychiatrists in November.

Thus, the regional socialist MP said that since the Tomelloso Hospital opened its doors, a record number of contracts will be reached by the end of this year for professionals and specialists.

“Tomelloso Hospital is the hospital that has achieved the highest budget growth for its operation in the hospital network in Castilla-La Mancha in this legislature,” Lola told Merino sternly.

The socialist group voted in favor of the immediate inclusion of the PP-closed laboratory, the creation of the hemodialysis service, and continued work on the technological equipment in the Critical Care Unit (UCC), which has already been launched with a team. of specialists in critically ill patients.

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