The new 'Parada del Molino' Health Center has already become a reality: it will begin...

The new ‘Parada del Molino’ Health Center has already become a reality: it will begin…

Junta de Castilla y León, through the Zamora Health Services Administration, announced that the new ‘Parada del Molino’ Health Center in the capital will open next Monday, 28 November, to provide healthcare to Zamorano users of this Basic. Health Zone (ZBS). The Ministry of Health has invested more than 3.7 million euros for the expansion of the building, which covers more than 1,300 square meters, the adaptation of the working areas and the renewal of the necessary equipment for its implementation.

Sacyl’s Management announced today, Friday, November 25, that the transfer and digital transition of computer assets and related documents from the ‘Santa Elena’ headquarters to the new ‘Parada del Molino’ will begin at 3:00 PM. from technology to new equipment.

The ‘Parada del Molino’ health center received a total of 3,770,000 euros in financing from the Junta de Castilla y León, of which 3.3 million was directed to the execution of the buildable area expansion and the remaining 470,000 euros for construction. installation of medical equipment and adaptation of fields.

Patients at the ‘Parada del Molino’ Health Center can go to the new facilities from Monday, 28 November. calendar morning (8:00 – 15:00) or afternoon (Monday to Thursday). this phone to request an appointment ‘Parada del Molino’ health center 980 511 411 and it keeps Location 57th in Zamora, on Calle la Hiniesta.

However, any person from Zamora who belongs to the Capital’s Key Districts (including ‘Parada del Molino’), Zamora Sur and Zamora Norte and who needs emergency medical assistance outside of these normal inspection hours emergency room ‘Santa Elena’ Wellness Center (15:00 – 8:00 from Monday to Thursday and 15:00 – 8:00 on the next Monday from Friday).

The ‘Parada del Molino’ Health Center serves 14,879 patients, of whom 1,565 are under the age of 14; 10,344 of them belong to the age range of 15-65, 2,970 of them are over 65 years old. For this, ten physicians, eleven nurses, two pediatricians, two physiotherapists, three nurse assistant technicians (TMAE), four administrative assistants and a janitor are employed. The service portfolio of the said center consists of midwife, physiotherapy, social worker, mental health and oral health.

The new building has 1,374 square meters of useful functional area compared to the previous 841.95 square meters, and the number of maintenance spaces increases from nineteen to 48 in the new facilities. The Regional Health Administration has organized the facilities in accordance with the functional plan, which is distributed as follows: eight General Medicine consultations and eight Adult Nursing consultations; two Pediatrics consultations and two Pediatric Nursing; emergency room, shots and techniques and cures; social worker counseling; room for the Medical Coordinator and Head of Nursing; teaching room; library; executive office; 2 multi-purpose consultations where ultrasound and retinograph were installed; Physiotherapy unit (consultation, kinesitherapy room, boxes, storage and locker room); Maternity unit (midwife room, mother/father training room, locker rooms and storage room); mental health unit (psychiatry consultation, psychology consultation and group therapy room); and service area (changing rooms, toilets and warehouses).

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