Jaen pharmacists claim they are essential parts in citizens' healthcare

Jaen pharmacists claim they are essential parts in citizens’ healthcare

JAÉN.- The Jaén College of Pharmacists celebrated today the festivity of its Patron Saint, Immaculate Birth, with a demonstration in Casería de las Palmeras where the figure of the pharmacist was fundamentally revealed. part of citizens’ health care.

In his speech, the head of the college institution Juan Pedro Rísquez underlined that 2022 is the year of consolidation of the pharmacy profession and Spanish pharmacy: “Being the largest network of community pharmacies in Turkey is a great social achievement. Europe.” “We are starting to leave the Covid19 pandemic behind and reinforce the figure of the pharmacist as the closest and most accessible healthcare professional. There have been many changes that strengthen our profession and the visibility of the pharmacist, the changes that are permanent show that the pharmacist is a health representative who offers a lot to health care.” Not surprisingly, every citizen has a pharmacy about 200 meters from his home. Pharmacists are the health professionals closest to the public and are the basic elements of the health services of the citizens.

The preacher of the day has been author Emilio Lara, one of the best historical novelists of our time. Lara made a brilliant intervention in her paper by addressing her ties with pharmacy professionals from an early age and the representation of the pharmacy in the historical novel. By realizing the glorification of the “pharmacist trade” through literature, the author has shown that this is a profession that has always been very well taken up by writers, because “we are very aware of the important health and social work that pharmacists have always had.”

Following the announcement, the Jaén College of Pharmacists presented the “Pedro Malo García” Award for Social Commitment to journalist Antonio Garrido Gámez from Jaén. The winner expressed his gratitude for the award of this award, which is named “a humanist and dedicated journalist whose figure I have studied a lot”. He also underlined that this is a social responsibility award because “that’s what I’ve tried to do in my half-century of professional life. I’m very committed to my job as a journalist and also to the city of Jaén”. Like Garrido, Ángel Expósito, Bartolomé Beltrán, Cruz Morcillo or Asís Martín de Cabiedes He adds his name to the list of great communication professionals who have received this recognition before.

Later, our retired colleagues were given university honor diplomas; Pharmacists who have been members of the association for 50 years were given the “Golden Olive” and their new colleagues were given the professional medal. As a novelty this year, university life, congress, course, conference etc. Two honorable mentions were given to two college members for their intense participation in the events. María Teresa García Rúa and María Teresa Poyatos Navas.

He became rector of the University of Jaén with Juan Pedro Rísquez, president of the college and vice-president of the General Council; government delegate Jesús Estrella; Elena González, regional delegate for Health and Consumption; Francisca Medina, first vice-president of the State Council; Estefanía Plaza, Health Advisor to the Jaén City Council, in addition to the responsible institutions, professional chambers and security forces and bodies.

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