Salud is the center of healthcare services in the Sierra de Segura region.

Salud is the center of healthcare services in the Sierra de Segura region.


Elena González, regional delegate for Health and Consumption of the Junta in Jaén, advocated “detailed planning” to “improve the quality of healthcare” in Orcera Core Region Primary Care and assured that healthcare in the Sierra de Segura is “guaranteed”.

This was expressed in a meeting Monday with the mayors of this region at the facilities of the Sierra de Segura Hospital with Jesús De la Paz, executive director of the Northeast Health Region.

González stressed that the Northeast Health Zone “is carrying out detailed planning to improve the quality of health services provided in Primary Care of the Orcera Core Zone.”

In this way, assistance is guaranteed in the Orcera Clinical Management Unit, which consists of “21 population centers. Of these, Orcera is the primary health center with ten local clinics: Segura de la Sierra, Hornos , Benatae, Génave , Torres, Villarrodrigo, Cortijos Nuevos, Siles, La Puerta de Segura and Puente Génave and ten other auxiliary offices.

The delegate conveyed his gratitude to Miguel Carrasco, director of Orcera health centre, for the “effort” of Primary Care staff in this essential area and 21 other health and non-health workers. the region’s centers in the delivery of health care that they improve every day of the year.

He also underlined that the evolution of delay in patient care from December 2021 to the present has been “almost zero in all months of the year.” “Users from the towns of Sierra de Segura are looked after on the day they request assistance, which means they meet one of the best quality standards in Andalusia in terms of assistance,” he said.

On the other hand, González, referring to the investments in Sierra de Segura, stated that the amount allocated by the Ministry of Health and Consumption to this region of Jaen is 3.2 million euros.

Especially the works on the roofs of the Sierra de Segura Hospital were completed for 509,000 Euros. This action made it possible to work on a 5,375-square-foot site to solve a “problem that has been ongoing since its opening in 2005”, where numerous leaks began where water seeped through after a storm.

Concerning high-tech healthcare equipment at the Hospital de Sierra de Segura, 350,000 Euros were invested in 2021 for the refurbishment of Computed Axial Tomography (CT) equipment. He also mentioned more than 150,000 Euros for the installation of a new Digital Radiology equipment that will take place in 2022 and another 50,000 Euros for the renovation due to the aging of the hospital’s healthcare equipment.

Numerous investments have been made in the past year to improve health infrastructures in Orcera Core Area Primary Health Care. The comprehensive reform of the Puerta de Segura doctor’s practice was completed with an investment of 421,000 Euros and the Torres de Albanchez practice with an investment of over 100,000 Euros.

Add to this that the implementation of the Orcera Health Center’s comprehensive reform is at the public tender stage with a planned investment of close to 1.5m euros between work and equipment.

Likewise, the improvement works at Hornos de Segura, Arroyo del Ojanco and Villarrodrigo offices are expected to be implemented at the beginning of 2023, with an investment of over 120,000 euros between work and equipment. The actions are framed in the healthcare infrastructure plan for the Northeast Region, where more than €600,000 will be invested in small local clinics this year.

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