Concha Velasco celebrates 83 years of retirement in a residence, vulnerable health and children as refugees

Concha Velasco celebrates 83 years of retirement in a residence, vulnerable health and children as refugees

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Confidentiality and alarming information about her sensitive health marks Concha Velasco’s birthday. A year after retiring from the stage, the beloved actress lives a peaceful life in a residence with her children and turns 83.

This is November 29 shell velasco and its immediate surroundings are getting ready for a very special day. Dear ‘ye-yé girl’ She turns 83 after a year after she stepped off the stage and decided to move to live in a residence.. His sons Manuel and Francisco set themselves the following goal: protect your peace and well-beinga very important choice especially in the last months when they leaked worrying information about the delicate health of the actress. For the time being, how Concha Velasco will celebrate his birthday has not gone unnoticed, but there will definitely be visits from his family and trust circle, he will be able to celebrate together and blow out the candles on a delicious cake.

For Concha Velasco, the past year has been filled with profound changes that have shaped his life in a big way. The actor closed one of the most important phases of his life by saying goodbye to the stage in September 2021. ‘María’s room’, a play she directed son of Manuel Martinez, came to his last mission and said goodbye from the tables with it. Her health issues have been exacerbated by the quarantine, which has negatively impacted her routines, especially during the pandemic, and the veteran actress has moved to live with her son, Francisco. His withdrawal has unfortunately become almost a necessity.

They soon realized that her delicate condition made her addicted 24 hours a day and required absolute dedication and constant care, so Concha and her children found that the best solution was, move to a residence where they will provide the care he needs. “We decided that she should come and live with us, but that didn’t work out because my mom is not well, her health is deteriorating and we had to find a solution somehow.. (…) He has lost a lot of mobility from the waist down and since the pandemic it has become very difficult for us to walk again. The digestive system and liver are a bit upset,” explained Manuel Martínez when word came that Concha Velasco was living in a residence.

The hugely popular icon actress and singer underwent a new change just weeks after her second move, changing her “family and pioneer” residence in central Madrid to: move to someone else in the suburbs, private and leading to protect your privacy and live without surprises. Since that time, Every day of Concha Velasco takes place in the strictest secrecy.. His son Manuel made an important request, especially to his mother’s circle of trust, and underlined the sensitive period he is going through in his health situation: “Please, we need some peace now. Privacy. Medical privacy. I beg you with all my heart.”

A few weeks ago, news about the situation of the beloved commentator of the TV series “Mother, I want to be a painter” again worried everyone. Concha’s son, by Fernando Arribas, was surprised at his exit from the nursing home with a solemn and absent-minded expression. While she says she’s “better” because of her mother’s recent health issues, the truth is His visits to Concha Velasco would be greatly reduced in order not to tire him out and to maintain the peace he needed in his new life.

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