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  • My father in the army, my mother in the country”: Major Pierre

The inclusion of doctors and nurses in the Armed Forces dates from the very beginning of the creation of armies, although it has evolved because of its importance given the need to provide medical care and save the lives of soldiers on the move. As the Health Service, whose establishment is celebrated every 30 November, the essence of its original is preserved despite the years.

The shield of the Health Service consists of a serpent wrapped in a bundle of rods, above which the serpent disease with an oval mirror, the wisdom of the mirror and the bundle of rods symbolize the unity of the different Arms and Services of the Army.

Health personnel in the Armed Forces are distinguished by the yellow color they wear on their pads, and their specialties such as doctors, nurses, dentists, pediatricians, x-rays and x-rays are health-related military personnel. specialists “X”, laboratory and ultrasound, among others.

The main function they perform is to ensure the health of military personnel and their families, through sanitary control, disease prevention, surgery and medical care, so that they can fulfill their duties for the benefit of the people. .

“Medical Service within the Armed Forces is essential, and its importance has been there since its inception because of the need for trained personnel in the army ranks to accompany soldiers during their attacks.”

This was commented on in an interview with Major Surgeon Hilda Pierre Sánchez, anesthesiologist and head of the anesthesiology department at the Regional Military Hospital Training Department in El Sol de San Luis, San Luis Potosí. Service in the Armed Forces is designed for warfare, for campaigning activities.

Operational activities in the army can be defined as the different activities of the soldier in the field, whatever they have, wherever they are, in the open ground, in the mountains, in the forests, at the sea, in the city, etc. accompanying activities. Get involved immediately if needed.

However, over time, it was decided that the relatives of soldiers should also be provided with health services, and the construction of the necessary infrastructure for this service was started, and then it was opened to serve the civilian population. as a special service that continues to this day, albeit to a lesser extent than a few years ago.

The largest added that the activities carried out by the health personnel are extensive, in situations such as disasters, floods, earthquakes, landslides, they participate in social work actions aimed at the civilian population of marginalized communities or those with difficult access to medical care. contact medical care.

The involvement of medical personnel was vital in the care of the Covid-19 pandemic, where both the staff of this service and the Army in general were showing signs of devotion and patriotism, where their professionalism and dedication were put to the test. They work tirelessly to care for the people they represent as doctors and nurses who are their only and last hope of life.

Medical personnel are responsible for the physical, mental and emotional health of Armed Forces personnel, so it is important that this service is important and that it has professionals who can keep Army personnel fully healthy.

They are also obliged to determine the physical and mental capabilities of those who are interested in enlisting in the army, in accordance with the relevant regulations, to qualify cases caused by injury or illness that renders them unusable for active weapons service. The Army can be withdrawn in accordance with the law, among many other powers.

According to Major Pierre Sánchez, a Level Two hospital like the one in San Luis Potosí has ​​core specialties such as internal medicine, orthopedics, gynecology, pediatrics and operating theatre. Calls for staff entry are made every six months. .

For Major Pierre, who comes from a military family, joining the medical ranks of the military was not difficult for him, “from there came the feeling of being a soldier, my Army father, Pariah my mother.”

Major Surgeon Hilda Pierre Sánchez, chief anesthesiologist of the Department of Anesthesiology and Head of the Regional Military Hospital Training Department, who has served in the army for 21 years and graduated from the Military Medical School, expresses her gratitude. Army.

“The army gave me everything I am, thanks to my teachers I learned for the country, it is a good opportunity to grow and it is very partial because you get what you study and do, there is no favoritism, it is difficult especially in a situation where one person has an advantage over another, all one gets is the effort of one’s work ”.

Stating that there are the same exams and exams regarding gender equality in the army ranks in health services, she said, “Equality has been promoted more for a few years now, where it was before, especially when it comes to the admission of women to military institutions. They are not given access and the same discipline is demanded and the treatment is the same,” he said.

He advised those who want to join this service to have their main weapon, the service professions. I invite your present-day service colleagues to continue to work with the usual commitment, “thanking everyone for their efforts and vocations that have always characterized us.”

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