How to choose the best health insurance and not die trying

How to choose the best health insurance and not die trying


Given the huge competition that currently exists in the health insurance market, choosing the one that best suits our needs is not an easy task. In fact, these selection processes require a lot of careful analysis, which takes time, and most people usually don’t have it. This causes them to hire someone who doesn’t meet their needs or goes far beyond what the person really needs.

If you feel identified and have planned buy health insurance to be protected Do not worry, given the usual flu and other ailments caused by low temperatures on these dates. In this article, we will give you some suggestions to get health insurance that meets your real needs.

Be honest about your needs

The first thing you should do is self-analyze so you can determine what kind of medical needs you deserve. if you are a person you often draw attention health, you should choose health insurance no additional payment. Thus, by making a monthly paid subscription, you will be able to access all the health services you need.

Yes, on the contrary, you are a human being. goes to the doctor very oftenThen options based on contributions You will find them more attractive. Although you have to pay a fee for every medical aid you receive, these types of health insurance are much cheaper. You may also find reimbursement-based health insurance useful, which can exclude all medical services on a stand-alone basis or hospitalizations.

Evaluate your current employment status

Another very important variable to consider when taking out health insurance is the type of business activity you perform. This will help you determine. risky situations medium / long term and therefore choose a more suitable insurance.

If one business activity involving many risks (real estate construction, transportation of chemicals, etc.). You should keep in mind that the chances of injury are high, so the policy should at least cover traumatology services. Another factor that greatly influences when choosing health insurance is the work regime in which you make money from your business activity.

If you work for the public sector, you probably need to rethink whether it’s better for you to choose public or private health every year. Private healthcare would be the best option if you work in a company or work independently.

Affiliated health centers

Another basic point that should not be overlooked is; number of centers Affiliated health centers and their proximity to the places you visit most frequently (including holiday periods) This way, you can determine not only how many health centers you can reach in the event of an accident, but also which health center you can reach. The quality of the service you will receive.

If you have a particular interest in certain health centers, there are more reasons to pay attention to this point.

Scope activation time

Not a few people avoid questioning whether the coverage comes into play as soon as the health insurance contract is made, or whether you should wait for a while. The reality is that many insurances give a grace period of 6 to 10 months to use a certain coverage (usually birth). Therefore, it is important to analyze which guarantees are limited to these grace periods.

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