L'Alcora brinda por el excelente estado de su salud deportiva en la Gala del Deporte 2022

L’Alcora toasts the excellent state of sports health at the 2022 Sports Gala

this Caixa Rural Auditorium hosted this friday Sports GalaAlkora 2022organized by the City Council and Council Municipal d’Esports in collaboration with Caixa Rural de l’Alcora. On this occasion, the gala changed completely and instead of rewarding athletes from all local sports clubs, both adults and children, they decided to reward only those who truly deserved the success of last season as the same clubs. with councilorDeportes is the one who decided this.

In any case, all the sports clubs in the city received a detail from the City Council as the protagonists of an audio-visual film designed as a tribute to all Alcorino sports in general.


One of the stars was the first team. Football From CD Alcora for winning the Nostra Copa and playing in the first round of Copa del Rey. Another sport that came to the fore was motocross, thanks to Pau Caudet (Penya Motorista l’Alcora), who was declared champion at the age of 11. Spain on MX65 after second place Europe and champion Catalonia.

Another special name is Anna Bellés, an athlete who has won two Spanish championships and European and world championships in the 400 meters and 400 hurdles (under 18 and under 20). The award was collected by her sister Eva and her coach, Tomás Fandiño, because Anna United States of Americasigned by University San Francisco for the next four years.

In adapted sports, athlete Igor Delgado completed an unforgettable season by beating Spain’s shot put record dating back to 1977 (9.30 metres) and other titles in national and international competitions.

Also in adapted sports, highlight the prize to Marta Sevilleplayer of the impulsive football team Primer Toque EDI.

The capital call of L’Alcalatén has premiered a new format as the most deserving athletes receive their 2022 awards. Javier Nomdedeu

The winner of Taekuondo was CD Granjo’s Enric Salvador, 2022 junior regional champion, second-place junior and regional U-21 champion in Spain, bronze medalist at the European Games in Sofia (Bulgaria) and the European Club Championships. Tallinn, Estonia).

Inside eurhythmics, the award went to Mireia Aparici and Laia Pérez from Club Rítmica l’Alcora, two gymnasts who were declared regional team champions. It’s a welcome outcome for the business because the pandemic has pushed Laia and Mireia away from gymnastics and they’ve achieved their greatest success by giving themselves a new opportunity.


In swimming, Annia Saborit of Alcora soon became a promising swimmer, achieving recognition as an elite athlete. Valencian Community: He placed second in 1,500 freestyle and third in 800 freestyle at the Winter Autonomous Kids Championship.

Tania Greus (Club Wu Shu l’Alcora) in kung fu (sanda modality) deserved the award: champion of Spain, second in the international tournament in Pamplona and other victories in tournaments such as CastellonHe has become one of the most promising fighters in the country.

At Frontennis, the award was awarded to Alejandro García, aged 19, who was second in Spain (pre-Olympic student modality) and second in Spain (junior Olympic method) at individual national level. ..; and by clubs at national level, absolute second place in Spain in the first category, currently in the qualifiers preparing for the U-22 World Cup.

David Giménez of the l’Alcorense Ornithological Society achieved his long-awaited award in this 2022 after many years, taking third place in the state regularity adult verdecillo; and as a great finishing touch to be third and fifth in the verdecillo mixed modality at the Spanish Championship.

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