Rueda assures no health centers in Galicia will be closed

Rueda assures no health centers in Galicia will be closed

Xunta president Alfonso Rueda assured that he would not close health centers with the planned restructuring for primary care, but assured him that he would consider other measures, such as “specific moves” by doctors, to resolve certain situations or relieve them of administrative duties. tasks.

At a press conference after the weekly meeting of the Xunta Council, he assured that the closure of health centers was a “red line” that would not be crossed, and the Galician health service announced 1,294 place calls for Sergas in this regard. The public employment offer of the year will be added to 2,568 released this week following the sectoral agreement.

So, in total, the offer for places at Sergas this year will be 5,650, of which 1,017 correspond to doctors, out of the 106 already called for places that are difficult to cover by the merit competition. Rueda also justified that Xunta’s meeting with the Galician College of Physicians this week had agreed to examine the compatibility of doctors’ public activities with private activities, believing this could serve to “save the professionals.” for public health as they can claim the same exclusivity supplement.

In any case, primary care restructuring will be done “hand in hand with anyone who has an opinion,” he said, noting that neither Xunta nor the College of Physicians “suggests the closure of any medical centers.” The meeting was held this week.

On the other hand, regarding the Galician environmental association Adega’s complaint to Greenalia company against a senior Xunta official regarding wind projects procedures, Rueda confined himself to expressing his “maximum confidence” in his actions. public officials.

Regarding the pending reform of the regional financing system, a year after the proposal was presented by the Ministry of Finance, he said that the central government had the impression in this legislature that “it has no intention of closing a deal” and regretted it. a year later, everything is “as before” with no progress in this regard.

At its weekly meeting this Thursday, the Xunta Council agreed to give 10.2m euros to set up a “single district” alongside 061 emergency telephone services or its own permanent business advisors service with 136 positions. ” for employment offices.

In addition, according to a report reviewed by the Galician Government, the Return strategy has allowed the return of 28,000 Galician immigrants or their descendants from 40 different countries to Galicia in the last four years, with 25m euros in support measures.

Doctors distance themselves from any “management decision”

The Galician Council of Medical Societies expresses its “deepest discomfort and rejection” at the statements of Health Minister Julio García Comesaña, following Tuesday night’s meeting, and is moving away from “management decisions” that it could “accept” Xunta. eventual closure or reorganization of health centers and points of ongoing care (PACs)”.

“In no case are they under the responsibility of Colexios Médicos. (…) These measures, if taken, correspond exclusively to the competent health authorities”, in a statement following Tuesday’s meeting this Thursday in San Caetano, in addition to García Comesaña, Xunta’s president Alfonso Rueda and others Sergas’ manager is Estrella López-Pardo.

At the end of the meeting, the minister appeared before the press and announced that his office had begun “to study” the reconstruction of the map of health centers. Although he did not specify whether this would cause any closure or intensification of services, he insisted that it was “the Council (of the Colexios Médicos) that made the offer”. He also assured in a press statement Wednesday that the sanitary facilities would be closed “under no circumstances”.

However, the statement from the medical schools reflects the “discomfort and rejection” of the words “We are accused of some special offers that we did not make”.

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