Cuba endorses women’s boxing

Cuban government Approved Women’s Boxing app In the country, after many years of struggle and demands from female boxers.

The official announcement was made this Monday. Press conference vice president of INDER Ariel Sainz and the president of the Cuban Boxing Federation, Alberto Puig de la Barca Stating that there was an investigation process before and that they were confident that “the time has come and we will not take risks,” Dr.

“Success will depend on the communication we can have with our women. Therefore, it will be necessary to double the promotion and watch new shows,” said Puig.

INDER will present a two-stage development plan for Women’s Boxing. The first was designed to bring a team to Central America and the Caribbean with minimal preparation to allow them to win medals. The second stage will start after the Central Americans facing the Olympic Games.

There will be seven divisions for men and six divisions for women, the boxing commissioner pointed out, pointing out that training in weight categories will be essential. She stated that the first women’s competition of this type in the world championship, where 13 men and 12 women will take part, may be at the beginning of 2023.

Announcing that the Cuban boxing leadership will create a selection of 12 women, Puig said, “In May, the most outstanding women can participate in the Tashkent world event.”

“The priority has been martial arts athletes, because they have a similar physical preparation, they need intensive training in the technical-tactical elements of boxing. We’ll also give opportunities to women from the rest of the country. People who have historically practiced it for health or sport,” said Puig.

On December 16 and 17, INDER will hold a boxing event with 42 competitors to select 12 women, six of whom will go to the Central American and Caribbean Games.

The accelerated scheme of Women’s Boxing in Cuba requires the training of trainers. Although there is no difference in the rules regarding men, they stated that the ways of protection have changed. They make sure that they have the breast and genital protectors necessary for the education of 12 women.

In January 2023, sports teams in Cuba will be open to all women who want to box legally.

Facebook Angela Julia Osendi

Cuban boxers for years The fight for the recognition of Women’s Boxing. Journalist Julia Osendi touched on this in a recent publication after learning of the endorsement by INDER.

“I am very happy to know that Cuban women can finally make it to the ring. Prejudices have been shattered. Before someone says I don’t like this sport for women, I would like to remind you that it’s more than taste and preference, it’s cause and preference.” Ah, which does not progress with time, remains in the Paleolithic, but I still do not like cuba ahead. Show your courage in the ring,” said the communicator.

He became one of the most important names Namibia FlowersA woman who dreams of being an Olympic champion but is now well over 40 with fitness, leg speed, dodging and punching power.

Namibia Flores Rodriguez He secretly trained for more than five years with the single goal of competing as a professional boxer and going to the Cuban Olympics. In July 2015, she immigrated to Miami to fulfill her dream.

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