Each person in Palencia spends twice as much on the Christmas lottery as the Spanish average

Each person in Palencia spends twice as much on the Christmas lottery as the Spanish average

Confirming that the people of Palencia love to play the Christmas lottery is not a novelty. Each resident of this province bets 116.26 euros in the draw on December 22, 2021, according to data provided by the State Lottery and Gambling, the organizer of the popular event, which marks the unofficial start of the end of the year festivities. one tenth costs 20 euros, each one from Palencia played almost six. This data makes it the fourth highest spending per capita province. They spent more money only in Soria (232.06 Euros), Burgos (125.19 Euros) and Segovia (123.49 Euros). It also looks, as expected, well above the national average of 63.82 euros, almost half.

For this year, Lotteries delivered 105,345 tickets to provincial administrations, so 1,053,450 decimal tickets started to be sold in mid-July as usual. The state association’s calculation shows that each person from Palencia should play 132.41 euros, which corresponds to an average of 6.6 tickets. However, the figure will be higher as minors are among the residents and gambling is restricted for them.

If all the tickets are sold, more than 21 million euros from the people of Palencia will therefore go to the state coffers. Currently, shipments per capita in Palencia are slightly higher than recorded ten years ago. In 2012, the national gambling agency calculated that residents would spend 125.30 euros each. This figure was reached after ten years of continuous growth, because in 2002, an average of 83.65 euros was spent on the first draw, where the children of the San Ildefonso school sang “1,000 euros” to announce the stones. The biggest difference was in the currency. The last pesetan draw in 2001 was 64.54 euros (just over 10,000 pesetas), less than half of this year’s.

SALES. Obviously, it won’t be possible to know the true figure for the people of Palencia spending in 2022 until the day of the draw, but the sentiments are positive, at least for now, in administrations and elsewhere in the network. , According to the lottery representative. and State Gamble in Palencia, Daniel Evangelio. “If all goes as planned, the numbers recorded last Christmas will be exceeded. In principle, they say sales are going well right now,” he explains hopefully. Of course, he doesn’t want to throw the bells off instantly either, as most of the purchases will be made in the coming days. “The final result will be determined by the sales that take place in these weeks,” said the provincial director, who took the opportunity to recall that spending on lotteries has had an impact on Spanish society.

Rocío Morales, executive director of La Gorda de Palencia, explains that the campaign has continued satisfactorily since one-tenth of it was made available to customers. «In July and August many vacationers came to buy tithes; The rate progressed further in September and was higher in October and November. Expectations are for last year’s data to improve,” the lottery says, adding that this increase is due to “perhaps people spending more on delusions in times of crisis.” and explains that there are numbers ending in 13.

Evangelio, on the other hand, believes that important awards are “around us”. Let’s see if his prediction will be confirmed.

Everyone wants the first prize that Palencia won for the last time in 2013

It’s been nine years since the first prize was won in the Extraordinary Christmas Lottery, played for the last time in Palencia. On December 22, 2013, the goddess Fortuna asked for luck to fall in thirteen towns: Avilés (Asturias), Barcelona, ​​Mondragón (Guipúzcoa), Bailén and Huelma (Jaén), Leganés and Madrid (Community of Madrid), O Rosal (Pondevedra) , Sanlúcar la Mayor (Seville), Quintanar de la Orden (Toledo), Manises and Valencia (Valencian Community) and the capital of this province. The 11th management of Palencia, located on Calle de Barrio y Mier, sold one-tenth of the lucky number 62246 in the showcase and distributed 4 million euros.

Three years ago, in 2010, the children of the San Ildefonso school combined the 79250 ball with the first prize, which at that time was awarded 3,000,000 euros per series. One of them was sold at the Saldaña State 1 Lottery and Gambling office located on Beato de Valcabado street. In this case, it is widely distributed in the geography of Spain. He played in the capital Vega-Valdavia and seven other states: Barcelona, ​​\u200b\u200bAlicante, Tenerife, Madrid, Cáceres and Guipúzcoa.

According to State Lotteries and Gambling’s information, Gordo de Navidad, who is highly sought after in the state, tapped three more times for a total of five. 1,750 million pesetas fell in Palencia in 1986 thanks to 03372, but the most well-known and controversial event of that year was when Cristo del Otero, manager of the club’s Third Age bar, oversold and exited in 1986. He was sentenced to one year and six months in prison for fraud and compensated 230 victims with 1,150 million pesetas.

To call the previous event he won the Christmas Grand Prix, you have to go back to 1963, when they bought 37 million pesetas at Venta de Baños 19936. To find that Gordo had stopped in Palencia for the first time. The 40297 brought the state three million pesetas of the time. Now, 130 years later, all players are tenth in the state of Palencia, hoping that the sixth stop will come in 2022, and with a number they keep in their wallets or at home if possible.

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