Claves del crecimiento del juego en línea en México

Keys to the growth of online games in Mexico

The Internet and technology have changed the rules of the game in all sectors of the economy worldwide. It has also forced different industries to adapt to the new tools and have much more knowledgeable and engaged customers.

Entertainment is one of the sectors where this effect is felt most strongly. More traditional activities have been relegated over the years, with options that involve more active participation by users, as the Internet and technology provide greater freedom of choice and greater comfort.

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Now you don’t have to go anywhere to have fun. Anyone can watch a movie on the train ride, gamble without going to the casino, or play the latest video game from the plane on the way home.

Also, some events had a very significant impact. For example, Pandemic raises interest by online gaming significantly around the world. Especially the regulations existing in Mexico have opened the door to the further development of this industry. It’s growth that seems unlikely to stop, as forecasts indicate earnings will be even greater in the coming years.

This makes sense, considering that growth in Mexico has been sustained for almost 10 years. Reason? Law passed in 2013is currently legalizing platforms that offer gambling and casino options in the country. Of course, they have to pay taxes and meet certain conditions.

In this way, the game industry, which is perhaps one of the most important sectors of the region, contributes to the growth and development of other areas of the society. Especially considering that taxes can go up to 30% for operators.

Ultimately, it’s a matter of tradition. Mexico is a country that has always been closely linked to gambling. It is said that with the arrival of the Spaniards, letters became widespread, but the intervention of the French in the country also had cultural consequences in this regard.

The gaming industry in Mexico had one of its peaks when casinos were banned in the United States. What has the Latin American country gained in the industry for about 15 years?

At the beginning of the 21st century, the importance of the re-legalization of gambling in the country during the reign of Vicente Fox was even reflected in sectors such as tourism. It is attractive again for foreigners who see Mexico as a safe market to entertain themselves.

Today, the accessibility provided by technology has caused the games to become massive and even more attractive. Currently, all platforms have tools to adapt to any device, whether it’s a computer, tablet, or mobile phone.

In addition, different markets allow to find options for every taste. Much can be written about people’s tastes in Mexico, but there is no doubt that Sports betting and slots casino games are the most sought after games by people..

The reason is obvious, in the first case, there is an important sports culture in the country. Football, baseball and even American football arouse great passion among sports fans. On the other hand, more traditional casino games like blackjack, roulette or slots are always an easy option. These are world-class classics, and most of them have simple rules that are known to almost everyone.

There is a simple explanation for the success of moving traditional games to the digital environment. About 80% of the Mexican population owns a mobile device. An effect that can only be understood when one remembers that the Central American country has a population of approximately 130 million people. And this is a fact that the online gaming industry can take advantage of.

At the Latin American level, it is an important market at the economic level, as it is considered the second strongest market in the region. Online gambling is estimated to generate around $500 million in the country. A figure that increases by about 10% every year. Now it remains only to wait for the next steps that the industry will take in Mexico. It’s a development that signals the need for platforms to focus on users and provide better experiences regardless of space and time.

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