MAPFRE, a benchmark for health in Spain

MAPFRE, a benchmark for health in Spain

MAPFRE is currently the leading general health insurance company in Spain. Thanks to the work and efforts of the insurance company and its team, it has managed to reach one million customers in health insurance, a milestone for the group.

The firm has been working for years to provide a complete healthcare service to citizens, which resulted in MAPFRE ownership. wider offer From the market:

– Full assistance insurance without prepayment

MAPFRE, a benchmark for health in Spain

– Prepaid full assistance insurance

– Prepaid out-of-hospital care insurance

– Basic aid insurance

MAPFRE, a benchmark for health in SpainMAPFRE, a benchmark for health in Spain

– Reimbursement insurance

MAPFRE is the leading company in the sector, especially in the field of reimbursement insurance. It has two different products. On the one hand, an insurance for reimbursement of medical expenses that allows the free choice of doctors and centers all over the world and reimbursement of up to 250,000 Euros; and on the other hand Salud Élite, a premium insurance that offers 100% reimbursement of health expenses and extraordinary coverage. It offers the widest coverage anywhere in the world and reimburses up to 1.5 million euros.

MAPFRE also has 16 own medical centers that provide assistance to both insured and uninsured people. In addition, it has agreements with 1,000 medical centers and 300 hospitals and more than 40,000 professionals to provide the best service to its customers.

Therefore, in order to consolidate itself as a reference point in this field, MAPFRE,Health campaign until 31 January 2023offers its customers up to 5 months of savings on health insurance. Likewise, SMEs with group health insurance for health or reimbursement will receive an Amazon gift card worth €100.

In recent years, MAPFRE has promoted the digitalization of healthcare, while at the same time society has evolved into an increasingly technological world. Thus, MAPRE supported telemedicine through two major projects:

application MAPFRE HEALTH: can be used by customers with a health policy, so they can manage their services directly from this application and have access to telemedicine (video consultations, medical chats, access to medical reports and online analytics) and self-service that allows the customer to decide where to go and when to perform your procedures and provide convenience to speed up your procedures online.

herb extract: MAPFRE’s digital health platform. It is a self-created application for insured and uninsured people who want to reach a wider audience and allow the user to take control of their health at any time of the day from anywhere in the Spanish territory. Thanks to “transparent technology”, Savia meets the needs of customers and users seeking a personalized service. In this way, it has been selected as a digitization agent to accompany SMEs and companies in their digitalization processes, forming part of the Digital Kit introduced by the Government through EU Next Generation funds.

Savia is not only a telemedicine platform, but also market place health, where the user can receive face-to-face medical consultations and tests, treatments and even surgeries. And all this through a 24/7 chat with a family doctor.

In addition, Savia has a digital health solution for companies that can provide telemedicine, nutrition, prevention and protection services, and emotional health services to both their employees and customers. In this way, the application helps companies to provide healthcare services to their employees 24/7 and also to build customer loyalty.

All these efforts by the company and its collaborators have resulted in MAPFRE having a customer referral rate above the industry average.

That’s why MAPFRE offers its products as the best complement to the public health system. The widest range of products on the market to provide tailor-made solutions for each user, because the company strives to guarantee excellence in each of its healthcare services and accompanies everyone at all times.

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