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Chairs that mark the before and after in your child’s health

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this scoliosis It is one of the most common problems in children and adolescents. The age of mobile screens contributes to the fact that many young people walk with their backs bent, this posture seriously injures the body. spine. However, the constant use of the mobile phone, scoliotic postureThat’s not the only factor that causes our children’s backs to hurt. Genetics, growth based on “movements” or weight of loading and unloading – like the school backpack always overflowing with books – are other factors that make scoliotic posture possible and can even lead to a scoliosis that is understood as a true curve. your spine. This is why back care is important to minimize the risks of minors in the home suffering from scoliosis or any other ailment that can interfere with their daily life.

Furniture plays a key role when it comes to preventing back problems. Like Pilates, physical therapy can serve as a form of anticipation. In the most serious cases, an orthopedic corset is recommended, which is quite uncomfortable for the child. For this reason, it is important to take measures that prevent reaching more radical solutions.

bet someone chair for study ergonomics is one of the decisions that parents can consider to avoid future postural and/or spine problems in their children. In addition, they feel comfortable, bench chair It will help them concentrate better during working hours. Next, we explain what the main features are that make it. ergonomic chairs – like what you can find here– support children’s backs.

Ergonomic chairs: Purpose

The purpose of ergonomic chairs is to prevent possible negative consequences, that is, to anticipate. pathologies attributed sedentary lifestylethanks to a correct position of the spine and muscles.

Ergonomic chairs: Features


Ergonomic chairs are usually customization for every user. This allows it to be tailored to the specific needs of each child.

adjustable height

For a chair to be considered ergonomic height adjustable seat. It is recommended that the seat be adjusted to a height that will allow the child to keep their legs at hip level and feet on the floor just below shoulder height. Much better if the legs can be held at a 90º angle. This ensures that the spine stays straight and the weight of the body stays centered without the spine leaning forward or backward.

seat depth

It is recommended that the seat be 40 to 50 cm wide and deep enough (5 to 10 cm) for the child to sit down until they feel their own weight. back supported on backand always keep the position described in the previous point. In this way, discomfort that may occur in case of sitting for a long time is prevented.

to lean back

Another feature of ergonomic chairs is reclining backrest. This allows the angle to be adjusted until the child’s posture is correct and they feel their back against the backrest. This slope means that the shoulders are not overloaded.

synchronized system

There are chairs that do not have this system, but those that offer a significant advantage: adjust the seat and backrest independentlywhich requires more customization.


Having an element large enough to support the arms will provide the child with the opportunity to rest. in addition, if armrests It is adjustable, even more advantageous, because you can change its forward and backward position relative to the children’s table.

reclining headrest

if he headrest It is adjustable and can be placed in the desired position between the neck and the head. This ensures that the cervicals do not get tired. To be precise, the cervical region is one of the most affected areas in cases of scoliosis, along with the back and lumbar region.

Consequences of not using an ergonomic chair

Negative results are seen in the long run. It is very unlikely that the child will experience discomfort for a short time. But when the hours of the day are spent reading, painting, studying…. Consistently, an inadequate chair can lead to:

  • backache
  • Less oxygen entering the lungs
  • Muscle spasms and cramps
  • less productivity
  • failures in blood circulation

an important aspect

The chair’s height, depth, backrest, armrests, etc. It is essential that it retains all configurations. for example, it does not bode well to unintentionally change previous aspects that have already been adapted to the child. This may indicate that the chair is defective.

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