Christmas Lottery and Irresponsible Games

Christmas Lottery and Irresponsible Games

A meeting between coworkers, friends, family members, when Christmas time is already in the public domain and lunch or dinner is approaching, is proof of this. Reservations at restaurants and facilities have already started and all dates are covered. The gift for family and friends is once again available. You have to look for the right detail and turn your imagination and memory to get it right, not to repeat it… And when it seems like there’s nothing to give, an unexpected event occurs and you have to hurry. understand. Finally, it’s Christmas time! Actually, the December 22 lottery is being distributed quite a lot, and by the way, it’s been on sale since this summer. Those who touch, they say, are some of those who play. Those who distribute prizes more than others, they say, are not less than 70% of the income. More? A little? In 2021, the pre-draw calculations were as follows: As each of the 100,000 numbers creates 172 series, and each series is divided by 10 tenths, at most and at least 172 million tenths are put up for sale. If all of the “papers” had been sold, 3440 million euros would have been obtained with a single draw! .. Since each tenth of these 172 million is 20 euros. If all people received the prize, then 2,408 million euros would be distributed, which corresponds to 70% of the proceeds, relying on the money returned. Along with the rest, the expenses generated by the business must be covered. State Lotteries have to face the management of their own structure, pay each lottery administration 4% of every tenth sold (other draws are bonolot, primitiva…, 5.5%) and a commission ranging from 2.5 to 2.5. 1.25% of the collected reward value.

To toast with champagne when it’s time for the prize, it seems obvious who’s buying and who’s selling. The profits from the Christmas lottery are added to the week-to-week produce and the winner’s income is reached. State Lottery and State Betting Society (SELAE) It will rise to over 9.3 billion euros in 2021.

Obviously, the vast majority of players lose because the prizes are collected in far fewer hands than those who drop the money to get the “unlucky” numbers. And the Games are all a scam because whoever promotes them “plays with an infinite advantage” because all games for money are calculated as the one who played before loses. My father told a parable his mother had taught him: He who plays out of necessity loses out of necessity..

And if true, its meaning needs to be expanded, because all gains mean other people’s losses. Obviously, the philosophy of the game is consistent with the economic system itself, in which it advances, where it becomes another way of accumulating wealth. Even if the gains are necessarily at the expense of the losers, there must be economic needs to stimulate the desire to play with an empty “win” illusion. And the magical “luck” awaited by those who trust in promises, fate or dreams with winning numbers also works. The illusion of a certain social value is also reflected. That’s because this publicly traded company under the Spanish government dedicates several million to helping organizations like the Red Cross, which received €15m in 2016, or the Spanish Association Against Cancer, which received just over €3m that year. Shouldn’t it be the State to assist this or other NGOs, in addition to other contributions that are small relative to the volume entered? It also dedicates resources to the (unadvertised) Colegio de San Ildefonso, where boys and girls “sing” in the Christmas raffle. Also, according to its website, it promotes promoting the values ​​of clean sport or Spanish sport. Thanks to agreements with various sports institutions. For example, he contributed 48 thousand euros to the breakfasts of the Europa Press agency. The issue does not stop there, as SELAE has published ten words of advice at the beginning of this text: “Remember that you need to play with common sense and responsibly to make sure the game is always fun”: It should be entertainment; may lose; do not spend more than you can afford; set a budget for yourself; never borrow money; do not play to recover losses; measure the time you spend; You should stop playing if it does not interfere with your job or daily responsibilities, does not interfere with your family life, and finally if gambling is causing you stress. All this under the concept of Responsible Gaming.

Just don’t stop playing! Values ​​Education to avoid gambling? SELAE ‘bestows’ some ‘principles’ on itself, including promoting researchTo contribute to the public understanding of the social impact of gambling” and its introduction “Integrity and cooperation in the fight against illegal gambling”. The 2020 gambling yearbook in Spain is known from studies or research conducted by Institute of Politics and Governance and Gaming Business Council of Carlos III Universityframed by the devastation that COVID has caused for this industry. Two reports are known from SELAE, one from 2013 and the other from 2019. They all target those who do business at the expense of gamblers. In mathematics, the probability of touching is calculated and this is called hope. By ismail de la cruza consultant collaborating with the economic press, the probability of losing in the Christmas lottery is 86% and the probability of a number being the Jackpot is 1 in 100,000.

The recovery rate of the money played is 9%. And if you consider the calculations in other games that they call random, that hope is tiny. Add to the panorama the casinos, machines or arcades traditionally described as “swallowing bitches”. Can we speak of “responsible gambling” when it is possible to calculate it while there is a chance of winning this almost non-existent prize? Would it be the State’s responsibility not to invite them to play? Will children and teens receive critical education about games?

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