Managed security for effective investment

Managed security for effective investment

Intelligently managed security for effective investment
Mariano Rodríguez, director of services, applications and support at Motorola Solutions.

Managed services are responsible for the provision, administration, maintenance and development of surveillance equipment.

Over the years, evidence has shown us that it is essential to have adequate technological tools to strengthen the development of prevention and security operations in any field.

This allows for immediate action with greater speed, efficiency and coordination. In summary, it is not just a monetary investment, it needs to be done wisely and strategically.

For example, he Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) just showed Violent crime costs Latin America $261 billion each year.

Not only in terms of financial losses, but also in terms of failed policies.

actually the same being Large inefficiencies of up to $220 billion a year have emerged in public spending in the region.

On the positive side, there is a large margin to improve investments without the need to increase spending.

An efficient and quality investment in this area carried out methodically with a long-term projection can lead to significantly better prevention and safety standards.

Managed Services: strategic compliance

In this reality perspective, Motorola Solutions developed a series of smart solutions covering all phases of security work.

From prevention, identification and registration to evidence, which we call managed services.

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LMotorola Solutions Managed Services They are responsible for the provision, administration, maintenance and technological evolution of surveillance equipment.

Both radio and audiovisual over the life of a security project.

In this way, it is the specialist who is responsible for operating and coordinating the technology.

Freeing public safety companies and/or agencies to focus on the core business of their operations.

This allows to guarantee error-free operation of systems with minimal disruption for a private company or a public security agency.

In fact, the management takes into account – on a planned basis – the updates and technological renewals required of the equipment, whether from our own production or integrated.

Given the importance of systems being properly maintained, in the long run this means a significant reduction in costs.

This ensures that they are fully prepared to face stressful situations, because at the most critical moments we need the latest technological support the most.

In the broad sense of the word, this means reliability for both the physical integrity of those connected to these systems and the economic scope of an operation or project.

By providing a constant flow of expenses, guaranteeing a predetermined value.

ecosystem Motorola Solutions It is the first and only one of its kind to integrate land mobile radio communications, video security and access control solutions.

And command center software backed by the efficiency and reliability of managed and support services.

Promote extreme cooperation among public security agencies for the purpose of relevance and citizen safety where every second counts.

*Mariano Rodríguez, director of services, applications and support at Motorola Solutions.

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