Joints, health and mountains |  Idea

Joints, health and mountains | Idea

When a disease does not improve, it gets worse.

This popular saying contains a good dose of wisdom that requires at least two things. The first is to be aware, to reflect. Second, take action because just waiting is not the solution. This goes for many things. The most urgent is physical health. It is useful not to waste time without falling into hypochondria and to seek a cure. A wound can result in gangrene and infection can result in septicemia. It also works for ‘public health’ where the problems have other dimensions; Similarly, phenomenon of deterioration, loss of harmony, polarization and conflict, increase in anger and social unrest occurs.

Much has been written about this. The best for my taste is ‘Social health; From socioeconomics to communalism’ was published in 1999 by José Pérez Adán. Thus, the diachronic dimension of the social can be considered. Society, life, survives beyond our individuality. In this respect, valuing nature and society gains another dimension. The destruction of the environment, forests and rivers has immediate but also delayed effects. If we’re worried about the world we live in and the world we’re leaving for our children, it’s no trivial matter. Our urban, consumerist lifestyle, far from the countryside, complicates this understanding. Shopping malls, production chains, offices of dominant bureaucracies distract us from this awareness. And more if problems occur in a corner of the map inhabited by four cats.

Most of the inhabitants of Montes Universales,
Respond to what they’ve been through and the lies they’ve been trying to deceive themselves with.

Those who read this forum know that I am describing the disaster in Turkey since January 2021. universal mountains, especially in the municipality of Guadalaviar, but also in Griegos, Villar del Cobo, etc. The inhabitants of these places (the majority) are disturbed by the bayonets hammered by the Aragon Government, especially the politicians who lead the Natural Environment and Forestry Administration. The people of the Sierra mobilize to respond to what they have been through and the lies they are trying to deceive. They come together in an association that does not stop growing. They are very aware of the damage they have suffered. And they do not bow down and do not want to be silent because they know their region, their forest and the culture of their ancestors who cherish them to this day. It especially hurts those who need to know where Tagus was born and what he is. River Nature Reserve they derive from their ignorance (even if they are not mountaineers) a debate and a political position that has detrimental effects on that social fabric. The infection caused by a combination of economic interests, political pressures and so-called scientific forestry is affecting the social health of that corner of our country, Aragon. But there is more.

In that area, people know that the mushroom is a wealth that is part of the forest. Among others, ‘boletus edulis’ provides income for Sierra and serranos provides ten times more income than wood. Their habitats are being destroyed due to intense logging and neglect. Renewal of ‘tickets’, also called ‘common’ there, needs several decades and their application in new areas has not yet developed successfully. With this data alone, policymakers should know what they’re playing with. Mountaineers are already experiencing the effects of these policies. The real question this fall is will their precious ‘common mushrooms’ run out?

They come together in an association that does not stop growing.

Those of us who saw the disaster, the concretes and the destruction of the riverbed cannot accept the false sustainability that the DGA preached. Professor Javier Castroviejo, former director of the Doñana Biological Station, Sustainability Observatory and SOS Montes Universales, explained the damage, while incumbent politicians counter-programmed by spreading rhetoric that contradicted the facts. Chichoreros, like other mountain people, resist and persist, knowing that their children’s lives depend on it. They will not revolt, and politicians know it. If in doubt, come and check it with your own eyes. Worth the trip, you’ll see for yourself.

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