3 books on mental health to donate this Christmas

3 books on mental health to donate this Christmas

A way to improve well-being and promote self-discovery, an experience that will fill more than a scarf

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These mental health books are recommended by psychologists.

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How to deal with the unhappiness that sometimes turns into depression, that invisible mechanism that prevents you from implementing useful changes on a daily basis, or even a lack of training in sexual intelligence? Books exploring different stories sanity they can focus on very different aspects of a person and their life. And there will always be one that is perfect for a particular person.

One of the best gifts to give someone this Christmas is a book on mental health that has a positive impact on their daily life and improves their well-being. What could be better than this?

The best mental health books to give for Christmas

These works are appreciated not only by the psychology community, but also by readers who see how reading these books helps them change their perspective on vital issues. Self-discovery, empowerment, and an increase in your mental health. These topics can be useful to anyone who wants to improve.

3 Recommended Mental Health Books to Give as Gifts


“Atomic habits. Small Changes, Outstanding Results,” by James Clear. This book is perfect for those who want to change and maintain their lifestyle. The idea behind this bestselling book is that every little change counts. Waking up five minutes earlier or exercising for ten minutes a day may seem unpretentious or inadequate, but the impact will be huge. An effective and genuine way to change habits, introduce new ones, and stay consistent with them.


“Sexual intelligence. Develop your sexual potential, have smart sex”, by María del Carmen Esclapez Cartagena. Psychologist and sexologist specializing in positive sexuality, this book aims to inform, guide and disseminate information on how to get to know oneself and lead a healthy sex life. one is the close and realistic narrative style in which it is written.A different way of learning and reflecting on sexuality, a subject that is rarely addressed in this respect.


“Your wrong reasons. A Guide to Combating the Causes of Unhappiness” by Wayne W. Dyer. Emotions such as not being happy, dissatisfied, feeling emptiness are common in many people’s lives and can lead to pathological conditions such as depression. With this book, the psychologist provides responsible and positive mental health. she shares some of the foundations that somehow enable one to know oneself and nurture one’s self-esteem.

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