Eight foods with "invisible" sugar

Eight foods with “invisible” sugar

It is necessary to pay attention to what we eat for a healthy life. Health. Also, having a varied and healthy diet brings direct benefits to people. Thanks to food, among many other things, we can prevent pathologies that endanger our lives.

More and more people are interested in knowing what they eat and what they eat. nutritional values. So much so that different supermarkets have put in place systems to catalog foods. The appearance of the NutriScore system, even rgovernment recommendations It was created to try to inform the consumer, sometimes through an algorithm, whether what they are consuming is healthy.

in recent years experts They emphasized that this area should be given importance. Therefore, a healthy and balanced diet has become indispensable for many.

So, carry a varied and healthy diet It is necessary for good health. Even those who follow a better diet are less likely to have problems throughout their lives, according to science.

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