El macropuente y las patologías respiratorias colapsan los centros de salud de la ciudad

Macro bridge and respiratory pathologies are crashing city’s health centers

The staggering situation this week in Vigo’s Healthcare Primary Care is mainly due to two reasons. The first is due to the extraordinary nature of these days led by a leader. macro hyperlink marking activity, also in the field of health. Health centers are closed on holidays and there are those who prefer to wait until the next day to go to their clinics when they get sick or need emergency care. This caused what happened, for example, last Monday, Wednesday, or last Friday. authentic collapse states in some health centers due to the intensity of incoming emergencies.

“We haven’t been like this for months. On Monday, I saw 65 patients.”says Susana Aldecoa, family doctor at the Rosalía de Castro-Beiramar health centre. It should be noted that during such weeks of public holidays, healthcare professionals take time off, and therefore clinics meet these days with less staff. However, in our case, We have colleagues who don’t take days off because we know they won’t be replaced. and few of us would be left with very busy days”, states Aldecoa. It should be noted that the daily schedule of a Primary Care doctor or pediatrician is approximately 35 patients per day. The only thing they care about from there are mostly people coming from the emergency route.

The second reason for the complex cocktail in Vigo’s Primary Care this week is, proliferation of respiratory pathology typical of this time of year. “We see a lot of people coming in with influenza A, pharyngitis, bronchitis, and colds and colds,” explains a doctor from La Doblada health center, another of Vigo’s centers with the highest population volume.

And doctors, once again, many people abuse emergencies, in this case health centers. “There are people who come to the emergency room, for example, they say that they have had a slight pain in their legs for days. So why not make an appointment with your GP? These patients take the consultation time from others. There are some situations that shout to the heavens that come to us. When something unexpected happens to you, you should come to the emergency room. and this now needs to be treated, such as renal colic”, a doctor from the La Doblada health center points out. It should also be noted that currently, with a few exceptions, the waiting time for appointments with family doctors in Vigo is very short and in most cases appointments take place within the same week.

Professionals ask the public to use emergencies responsibly

In the flu emergency planThe management of the Vigo health district, which is expected to peak in the first weeks of December, has set a goal of prioritizing the treatment of pathology in Primary Care to stop trips to hospital emergencies, and avoid images of overflowing waiting rooms and corridors and overload among professionals. To this end, among the main measures taken by the management on this occasion, phone appointment prioritization patient going to the health center and avoiding crowds, spreading the infection in the hospital and facilitating care by the doctor, as well as prioritizing demand over scheduled appointments.

Professionals noted the implementation of the Comprehensive Team Demand Management (XIDE) program across six services of eleven Vigo health centres. prioritize on-demand appointments over scheduled ones, directs them to the professional category that solves the best. Likewise, the CMR 100 program avoids going to the hospital as the call will be recorded and managers will return when the health center is called.

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