“We are in the moment of analyzing mental health and breaking taboos”

“We are in the moment of analyzing mental health and breaking taboos”

In just one month, he won the Planeta Gala (Antonio Gala Foundation) Booktrailers Award for his book Septem and the “Voices” Short Film Award on mental health at the Impulsarte Festival in Granada. Rocío Juárez has an overflowing creativity that instinctively pushes him to write screenplays, books, short films, ideas… He attends conferences, especially those related to mystery, and constantly produces and produces material with his own resources. Productive and generous donations, such is this woman from Almería.

What will you do now?

(Laughter) In my second book, which took me a long time. I published the first one in 2019 and the truth is I’m not complaining, it has a fourth edition.

Is it also a mystery?

yes. I have a script that was made a while ago and I want to take it to the book. It’s hard but I want to move. I would like to add that there is always something real from some of the research I have done, even if it is a novel.

Are you doing research too?

Of course, I start researching and researching real events, meeting people so they can tell me something about that event. Purely out of curiosity, so I don’t know if I can translate it into a screenplay, a micro-story… I don’t know.

You are a writer, screenwriter, filmmaker, producer… What defines you best?

Scriptwriter. I love creating stories, inventing, and the script format attracts me a lot. Even when it comes to writing novels, I am also very fond of screenplay style.

When did you start in this aspect?

I started teaching on-camera lessons in 2015-16 but it’s not my job, it has given me a lot because it helps me understand how an actor feels in front of the camera but I realized that’s what I love. behind the scenes. From there, I continued my education to specialize.

Where does your favorite kind of horror come from?

Terror and mystery. Since I was little. I collected the first magazines from Más Allá, I also saw the Weekly Report, which impressed me at the time, sometimes they covered crimes, I remember a case involving a girl and an exorcism that stuck in my mind.

Is now a good time for the horror genre?

The ’80s were great, but I think taboos are breaking down now, people are talking about other kinds of things, mystery from a different perspective. Other types of TV series and movies are being made.

Perhaps we are now more afraid of the possibility of a tsunami than a zombie.

Yes, this type of fear or fear must be replaced. Something is popping up right now: knowledge of the human mind, knowledge of what a person can do like in psychothriller movies, look at the success of the series about Jeffrey Dahmer. We used to watch unreal stuff like The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. In the 80s, everything caught our attention, and now it’s very difficult to surprise people, there is so much information.

Now we see that terrorism exists and is being held in a prison right next to us.

We are astounded at what one can do and how strange reality is from fiction. It always was, but now we know it can and does happen. Now, it is right at that moment for human beings to analyze their mental health and break taboos.

The last award he received was briefly on mental health.

This was specifically about suicide and I wanted to do something similar. I recorded it in an abandoned house in Rodalquilar. It received the award for elegant and necessary visualization when it comes to breaking taboos. It’s hard to see anything violent, obvious in my short video. I’m trying to focus on hope. I gave that prize money to Hope Phone.

He has a lot of material he has accumulated and if he gets the opportunity he sends them to a competition and also gives it away for reasons such as gender violence.

Yes, it’s a must, some things happen to me and I have to do them. My head is not stopping.

Is there anything that has been obsessing you lately?

I have a few obsessions, but one of them is making a nice project (excited). Everything I do about mental health, human trafficking, exploitation, bullying… I always want to do something every month, with themes, it would be a dream. It inspires me a lot when something has a certain day.

Raising awareness about such causes that directly affect people is his other great job.

Yes, something that is always on my mind and that I am very excited to do, is indispensable for me.

Are you a perfectionist at work?

Yes, absolutely irresistible. More. Sometimes, after all the journeys I’ve made, I realize that everything needs to be simplified. While I’m calmer when it comes to shooting, it’s easier but sometimes I just can’t stand myself.

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