Dani Martín quits music due to mental health

Dani Martín quits music due to mental health

    Dani Martín has announced her retirement from music. After a hugely successful tour, the artist decided to retire temporarily to focus on his mental health. The artist has talked about how he works in this aspect many times and stated that it is not easy to fight against his personality and the fact that he experiences every emotion so intensely, despite going to therapy regularly. “I am not a very balanced person emotionally, I suffer a lot”He drew attention to this farewell face he posted on his Instagram account.

    Along with the emotional video of the last concert of the tour, which he chose La Riviera as the venue where he gave his first concert with ‘El canto del Loco’ in 2001, Dani Martín announces that he needs time to develop personally and as a musician. Despite its long history and achievements over the years, Dani continues to fight ‘fraud syndrome’.

    In the message he announced, the artist says goodbye by saying “See you later, see you forever until we really come”. indefinitely retiring from the music world and the stage.

    I am anxious, prone to gaining weight, and have difficulty concentrating. and being able to learn to play a musical instrument in a way that I think is right. I recently learned to sing and not to hurt my throat, I need to memorize, I have good ears, I know all about Spanish pop/rock, I don’t know anything about vocal technique, I don’t know how to produce a drum beat for a song.
    I had a successful group. I’ve written many songs that are a part of some people’s lives. Then I parted ways with my group and everything turned into something very, very beautiful.
    This year people decided to buy 5 WiZink Center tickets in less than two months; both acquisition and execution.
    Sometimes I’m thin and other times I’m bloated. I am not a very balanced person emotionally, I suffer a lot. I really enjoy being on stage, now much more without alcohol.
    I’m not a great singer, and I don’t know if I’m doing it well, and the truth is, there’s something that surprises me: I’m 22 years old.After all this, it continues to be with so much fraudulent syndrome that I have; the truth surprises me.
    I never thought anything of what happened on this tour would happen: I never imagined such a lineup, such a voice, such a band, such an audience, and a life like this.
    Thanks for everything.
    It was necessary for me to be in La Riviera, before returning to the reality of being Daniel sitting in his chair, drinking wine, playing bad football but putting all his heart into it. Touching the ground.
    See you in a few years, be happy
    I’m not going to follow trends or change my voice to get the Grammys. I’d rather have the reggaeton he did for the Grammys. He performs duets with Jorge Drexler and on his records and follows such organic and sincere ways..
    I plan to continue to be who I am, I will only grow as a person.
    See you later, see you forever until it really comes out.
    Thank you. Blackout”.

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