Gambling Regulatory Entity, under scrutiny

Gambling Regulatory Entity, under scrutiny

A report from the State’s General Inspection revealed numerous irregularities in an organization that moved millions in Salta during the government of Juan Manuel Urtubey.


The State’s sleepy General Audit Office responsible for Gustavo Ferraris presented Aníbal Osvaldo Caro, current head of the Gambling Regulatory Authority, with a concrete report analyzing the operation of this Enreja in 2016. small and some extend into 2022.

The interim report was published on 30 July 2022. Served on 30 July 2022 to current Board members and former Board members of En.Re.JA. “Objection”. On August 9, 2022, the responses of the former Board of Directors and the current Board of Directors entered the AGPS, which was analyzed and evaluated.

As you will see there are millions at stake.

In order to explain the problem, first of all, it is necessary to understand how the payment system of these companies to local governments works. Casino and lottery games license holders are required to pay a monthly fee to the Province in order to benefit from games of chance. Sworn Statements submitted to En.Re.JA by the 10th of each month, containing proof of deposit of the law and details of the net profit earned in the immediately preceding month. The net win is called Net Win “the result between the wagering difference and the payout of prizes, plus prizes and commissions for expired tickets and third party games”.

Everyone will wonder. How is this checked? Can’t companies lie? Not in theory. En.Re.JA hired ArgelinkS.A company in Salta. later changing its trade name to Octavian SA, the company is tasked with controlling income and expenses through slot machine programs and all machines.

The first deal was in 2009, and then En.Re.JA continued to extend the contract without calling, never bidding.

This caught the attention of the inspectors. Because after the time expired, the alternatives for En.Re.JA were:

  1. a) make an addendum to extend the contract with the same contractor
  2. B) initiate a new contracting process to receive the same service with another contractor.
  3. C) Octavian SA has transferred the licenses to the audited entity to undertake the management and maintenance of the system (according to Article Eleven of the Agreement dated 14/14/2009).

But Enreja chose the first option.

“The contract with Octavian SA for the provision of management and maintenance services for the real-time online system that controls the financial movement of slot machines during the audited period is irregular due to the agreement concluded between it and Argenlink SA, for an equal period, in accordance with the provisions of clause fifteen of the contract. (ie, 11/02/2011 – 11/01/2013). This means that the official contract has expired as of November 2, 2013.”

Accountants found other irregularities. An inconsistency has been identified in the presentation of the “Budget Expenses Execution Table, Non-Personal Services subsection, Computerized Services sub-item. While the audited entity had to register for the total amount billed, i.e. $9,806,740, only $753,359 was registered in the Budget Practice,” the report says.

Accountants also found that in 2016 En.Re.JA deposited approximately 10 million pesos less into the current account of the State Treasury. They deposited $215,503,967 when $224,547,219 should have been transferred. Where was that money?

There is no definite answer to this last question regarding the Realization Status of the 2016 Fiscal Year Budget Expenditures.

They are not simple mistakes in an organism that moves millions.

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