How to choose a stove for your home?

How to choose a stove for your home?

Stoves are great for dealing with low temperatures. We help you choose the best one for your needs.

How to choose a stove for your home?

Last update: 11 December 2022

Don’t let winter catch you off guard! Dealing with low temperatures without the right tools can be a huge hassle. Perhaps choosing the right stove for your home is just as difficult.

It’s happened to most of us, but knowing that stoves are the best way to keep the house warm, we’ll explain some of the types, features and switches to help you choose stoves.

Furnaces! A quick solution to heat your home

Heating systems such as boilers become expensive and sometimes do not heat all areas of the house, so some families stop using them. Instead, they buy a practical stove that turns out to be inexpensive and very easy to use.

Therefore, the ideal is to choose a stove, if there are not many in the house. you can heat it bedroomliving room or any other room.

Its easy portability makes it possible, besides it does not demand complex installations. Depending on the model, you just have to plug it in or know a specific detail.

8 stove types you need to know

Stoves give you better control of your spending and boilers, You don’t need to hire a variety of professionals to get them up and running.. Find out more about this interesting option for warming yourself.

1. Electric stoves

Electric stoves are generally the most demanded stoves in Europe. Despite this, they are experiencing a decline in sales. This is due to the advent of other, more modern and efficient models. The first thing you should know is that electric stoves consume a lot of electricity. Energy.

However, one point in their favor is that they work with convection. That is, they convert electrons into heat.

which translates do not emit fumes or pollutants harmful to health. They are generally recommended for heating small spaces.

Electric stoves have high energy consumption, which can affect monthly expenses.

2. Halogen stoves

Halogen heaters provide heat by radiation, has a good calorific power and can heat medium-sized rooms. The place cannot be larger than 10 square meters.

To operate, they need more electricity supply as they have several power levels. In this sense, before buying a house, you should consider the size of the area where you want to place it.

3. Butane gas stoves

Butane gas stoves are economical after long-term use. Perhaps for this reason and because they heat up quickly, they continued to be one of the preferred options. It is essential to equip it with a gas cylinder for its operation.

Without damaging the above, it is important to consider the following: butane stoves have been the protagonist of a significant number of household accidents. On the other hand, when the gas balloon is depleted, it must be replaced.

4. Paraffin stoves

Paraffin stoves are one option to consider if the room does not exceed 40 square meters. In fact, there was a time when they were in high demand.

There are two models. Those that work with wick, those with paraffin and those that are electric. They generally emit an unpleasant odor for most people.

5. Wood stoves

Wood-fired stoves are a classic, especially in country houses. One of its great advantages is that they can heat large areas, as long as they have a suitable ventilation system. Another factor to consider is that they can stain nearby areas.

You need to provide this, as they work with firewood. It is advisable to have a place to expand and not forget that both the device and the room will require periodic maintenance. For the rest, you will enjoy a warmth similar to the one that radiates. fireplace.

6. Furnaces lumps

These stoves work with 100% environmentally friendly vegetable fuel. known by the name pellet. That is why they have become popular today, although it is more expensive to buy than to buy any of their counterparts.

What do they offer you in return? quarries lumps They are cleaner, easier to start, do not require a lot of maintenance and above all, they are economical in fuel.

7. Oil stoves

Oil stoves are functional and inexpensive. They work with special oil that does not need to be renewed because it does not burn. They are known for being practical and providing heat in areas not exceeding 40 square meters.

8. Biomass stoves

quarries biomass go hand in hand with lumps. These also work with vegetative energy. lumps for example wood, olive pits, forest residues and nut shells. They are expensive when purchased, however, it is economical to maintain in the long run and allows large homes to be heated..

this lumps and biomass are environmentally friendly options.

5 points to consider when choosing the next stove for the home

You cannot ignore the following information to choose your new home stove. You can achieve good results with them:

  1. Examine where the stove will have, mistress of space, possible drafts, building material. All this data will help you decipher the caloric power the stay needs to sustain itself.
  2. Ask if you need some kind of space facility to run it.. This includes ventilation or electrical systems. Check to see if your home or area has them.
  3. Check and repair windows and general insulation of the house. If they are in optimum condition, you will not need a stove with high calorific power.
  4. The weight and volume of the stove is also another factor to consider. Some floors cannot support very heavy appliances, so they become deformed.
  5. Some stove models must comply with special regulations.Will be able to work in a way that can perform inspection and periodic maintenance. Learn about this topic.

You will find various models in the market that suit different needs of people. Keep these keys in mind when purchasing a stove to choose a suitable stove for your home.

Get yourself recommended by a professional to reach 100%.

Stoves: a necessary tool in winter

Stoves are generally preferred appliances to withstand cold days.. Among other things, because you can have more control over expenses and power.

While it’s about surviving the winter, there’s also an installation option. Heating system at home. But one thing to keep in mind with this is that you will need a few professionals for a safe installation.

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