Mikel Arana, president of national gambling,...

Mikel Arana, president of national gambling,…

Fundación Caja Navarra, Antox, Aralar and Proyecto Hombre are holding on Tuesday 13 December at CIVICAN, a working day that serves to evaluate three years of collaborative work in the field of gambling prevention in Navarrese youth.

On this day will be present Mikel Arana, Director General of Gambling Regulation, Government of Spain, who will share a dialogue with Amparo López, Director-General of the Interior of the Government of Navarra, to present “Ana”. Milestones in gambling luck legislation at the state level and in the Foral Community of Navarra”.

This dialogue will be completed by the following conversation, which will be attended by: Ana Isabel Estévez Gutiérrez (titled professor at the Faculty of Health Sciences at the University of Deusto and head of the research line on addictions without substance and cognitive-emotional and relational processes) She is also a member of the Advisory Council for Responsible Gaming) and Antonio Castaños Monreal (general health psychologist, master’s degree in health psychology, addiction intervention specialist and co-author of the “¡Qué te jugas!” Prevention program). Both will talk about the prevention of gambling from a gender perspective.

This day is part of a series of activities to be developed at CIVICAN for young people, families and education professionals on the occasion of the balance of the project carried out between the four organizations (Fundación Caja Navarra. Antox, Aralar and Proyecto Hombre). .

These activities consist of Wednesday 14th and Thursday 15th when different schools attend CIVICAN to attend a virtual Escape Room and reflect on myths about gambling. Concluding Friday, 16 professionals from Antox, Aralar and Proyecto Hombre will be speaking to families to raise awareness about gambling.

This youth gambling prevention project was introduced by Fundación Caja Navarra after actively listening to the community. Interest in this issue has been confirmed and this project has been initiated from the Foundation’s Strategic Plan.

In order to achieve this, Antox, Aralar and Proyecto Hombre organizations specialized in the field of addictions were called and added their knowledge and experience to this project. Thus, the initiative started in 2019 with the diagnosis of the condition among Navarrese youth, which made it possible to achieve results that allowed the creation of an action plan with measures such as:

– “GAMBING IS NOT SPORTS” campaign aimed at separating sports from gambling, especially betting. It is aimed at young people who play sports.

– Awareness campaign on social networks through audiovisual fragments with the aim of dispelling myths and cognitive biases about gambling. It is aimed at teenagers and young people.

– A web page to inform and sensitize families so they can identify the first warning signs of a gambling problem in their son and daughter and guide them to take action.

– A virtual Escape Room that debunks gambling myths aimed at young people.

Data from the diagnostic study carried out highlighted that approximately 85% of the people surveyed either never played or played occasionally. 97% of women never played or played occasionally. The age to start gambling is 16.5. Face-to-face play far surpasses the online game mode. Of those who answered the SOGS-RA questionnaire to assess their gambling problems, 4.9% showed signs of a gambling problem and 17.38% were at risk.

It is expected that the materials, actions and activities prepared and developed in this project will continue to be used in the coming years as a tool to prevent gambling problems among Navarran youth.

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