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The road to planetary health

Loss of biodiversity and climate change can lead us into an era of frequent epidemics as a result of humans invading foreign areas such as forests or jungles. the possibility that viruses can migrate to new hosts and cause new pandemics. The changing climate will affect much of the planet. The changes that climate change will cause in terrestrial ecosystems in the coming decades will cause thousands of viral transmissions between different species. Viruses are beginning to jump across host species at an unprecedented rate, and their impact on conservation and human health can be devastating.

Climate change will become the biggest risk factor for the emergence of diseases. We live in a world 1.2ºC warmer than pre-industrial times, there is no turning back. Climate change will make pandemics more likely, new diseases will hit us in the near future. We must learn from the mistakes made in the coronavirus pandemic, we must have contingency plans to respond to contingencies in the near future, and for this, governments must devote more resources to health systems to make them more resilient. In the face of a new pandemic, greater coordination is required and be prepared for a new health emergency that may arise at any time.

Climate change is the biggest threat to health in the 21st century. It is necessary to mobilize the world in the fight against climate change for the environmental health of the planet, which represents an opportunity to implement public health policies that affect the consolidation of sustainable models and healthy lifestyle habits. A new energy and urban planning and changes in transportation will be some of the keys to consider in order to minimize their consequences as much as possible. We must be prepared to face the possible consequences of climate change, creating an adequate strategy to confront the impact of climate change on people, especially in the cities and coastal towns that will be most threatened (sea level will rise 50cm due to climate change, according to some reports).

It is necessary to accelerate the process of decarbonization and energy transition. Promote the application of electric vehicles and the generation of electricity through non-polluting renewable energies in major cities to minimize air pollution problems and improve air quality, as well as the quality of life and health of residents. 8 million people die each year from air pollution). The implementation of the electric vehicle together with the generation of electricity with renewable energies will be one of the biggest contributions to the fight against climate change and reducing the pollutant emissions released into the atmosphere in transportation. Rational use of natural resources (energy resources, water resources, land, etc.). We must work to turn waste from being a problem into an opportunity. The aim should be to turn waste into resources and achieve zero waste. To do this, we must support the circular economy model that guarantees the future of the environment.

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