World Cup in Qatar triggers bets growing 65% compared to 2018 |  News

World Cup in Qatar triggers bets growing 65% compared to 2018 | News

More than 33 billion euros will be wagered on the World Cup to be held in Qatar.. This is the forecast analysts make. Barclays PLCone of the most prestigious financial services companies in the world, and also, Main sponsor of the Premier League, local English football competition. Only a few days left until the football world’s biggest international event concludes, but if this prediction comes true, means a 65% increase over the last appointmentHeld in Russia in 2018.

These days, transactions at sports betting operators are increasing rapidly, especially ‘online’. Celebrating events and data of this magnitude from the odds and sports betting industry, such as data collected by Barclays, assumes a highly positive note at the business level. We are talking about a market that brings risks and dependencies.Like gambling. Actually, Experts point out that the increase is due to the increased consumption of this fake species during the pandemic. In 2020 and this brings with it new bookies who opened accounts at a bookmaker at the time.

A world cup followed in the classroom as well. The football event first falls in the middle of the school year, and many students do not hesitate to carefully place their mobile phones camouflaged with a book or case to follow the games. A behavior that is persecuted and punished by teachers who prefer it directly in some education centers. blocking access to certain web pages to try to destroy it.

More people self-ban in Aragon

The World Cup event de facto ends sports competitions in 2022. Associations such as Azajer, ” more people signed up for self-ban Game Regulations”. completed personally and voluntarilyand this prevents the registered user from accessing any betting operator (online or face-to-face) with their identity document. But after the positive side of these data, Miriam Grañán warns: “Looks for other registered, identity-free machines on sticks or scratch cards”.

Not surprisingly, the 2021 research reflects that: The most popular game of chance among young people is the game of chance known as Rasca de la ONCE.. The director of the treatment center for compulsive gambling and other addictions claims: immediacy is “the thing that preoccupies the most”“And now you can do this type of sweepstakes on your mobile phone,” adds Grañán, noting that they’ve been getting a lot of calls over the past year, especially from family members. “We seem to forget that there is a face-to-face lottery – there are face games and multi-games, roulette and slot machines. We got there. a person over the age of 70 who owes more than 80,000 euros on machines number of bars,” he elaborates.

Announcements every hour

Ministry of Consumption begins to regulate advertisements of private companies in 2021limits them to the 1:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. television area, but the truth is that this isn’t the case with public sweepstakes and games of chance. “It does not distinguish an alcoholic by whether he drinks whiskey or beer.. Therefore, we do not understand that, for example, there are underage children singing the Lottery Gordo,” says the person in charge of Azager.

According to him, advertising campaigns of organizations such as Government Lotteries and Bets or ONCE “super aggressive and grab the youngest and most vulnerable”. “They are definitely groups that need to be protected. We won’t just focus on the private sector,” says Grañán. The profile that most personally participates in Azajer in Aragon is that of a person. 26-46 years old male. “Lots of young people call but then they don’t come because They believe they can solve the problem on their own. And unfortunately that’s not the case many times.”

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