Adolescents, the World Cup in Qatar and the dangerous progression of gambling addiction

Adolescents, the World Cup in Qatar and the dangerous progression of gambling addiction

World Cup in Qatar announced an unexpected, disturbing, dangerous situation. This means online betting with youth and youthIt is obtained from their chances of predicting how the results of old football matches will be.

It is true that the game of chance is almost as old as mankind, but it is also true that it has never been more common and easy to access. thanks to ingenious technology that betrays cell phones and computers. With a few dozen apps that didn’t exist a few months ago.

The careless get caught up in colorful advertisements promising them “gold and the Moors”, not realizing that the resulting problems lurk behind them.

most common gambling addiction or pathological gamblingIt is a very complex and almost impossible pathology to treat. In these times, thanks to the access to technology that children and adolescents have, their tentacles are multiplied by a thousand.

As dozens of scientific studies reveal, compulsive gambling destroys families, social and work relationships. It is very difficult to put together. This has led certain countries to advance in campaigns aimed at providing a framework and limitation of liability to the game..

Argentina doesn’t have this. In this country, there is usually only propaganda in favor of the game, but there is no campaign to explain the vulnerabilities and dangers it creates. It is a perverse logic that will complicate the lives of thousands of young people in the short term..

To understand Just look at Spainthen they went through the same route that Argentina lives today, and this is serious social problems resulting from compulsive gambling.

The first thing they understood in that country was thata public health problem that goes beyond fashion or the proliferation of bookmakers”. According to his testimony this Juan LamaThe coach of FEJAR (Spanish Federation of Rehabilitated Gamblers), an organization that offers treatment to people suffering from gambling addiction.

This expert left a “textual” piece of information in front of a newspaper in 2019. Worldseems to be inspired by today’s Argentina: “Every time we deal with young people, even minors with pathological conditions”.

The Lama explained that in order to move forward with his solution, the underlying problem must be understood: Why is there such an increase in young gamblers?

To this he later replied: “There are many factors that explain this phenomenon. First of all, young people can access the Internet with almost no restrictions. 25% of ten-year-olds have access to a cell phone and everything it requires – including gaming – but this figure is even more critical among 15-year-olds, as 94 have access to a cell phone and internet, 8 percent of cases. The role of gaming companies is also important, as they use advertising campaigns targeting youth using sports figures like Cristiano Ronaldo and facilitate entry into the game. especially with the proliferation of betting houses close to schools or institutes”.

The Lama also debunks the widespread myth that gambling can only be tackled by enacting new laws: “Lawmaking does not in itself cause changes; This trend can be reduced through prevention and awareness campaigns, together with the political will of technicians and legislators.”. Argentina is light years away from the latter. Not only are there no campaigns, there is no intention to do it either.

The future awaiting this country was revealed by that expert: There will come a time when gamblers will have no money and will resort to crime.

They use their little money to gamble, and they also experience high levels of anxiety, social isolation, and progressive self-destruction characterized by lies, excuses, and indebtedness. and even robberies against relatives or third parties. The gambler thinks about how to make money to bet and solves his problems by hitting a ball or a stroke of luck, but even if he touches it, he plays again because what he really needs is to play, his life revolves around finding ways to keep playing.“.

Anyone thinking about this last statement right now? What will happen when those who decide to make unreasonable bets on unregulated platforms grow exponentially? Who will deal with the growing problems on the near horizon?

The future is not promising at all, on the contrary. You should take the matter seriously. As mentioned, gambling is not a game.

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