Basque Country launches new campaign against problem gambling

Basque Country launches new campaign against problem gambling

The Get Out of Your Wheel campaign targets the population between the ages of 14-21 with events, events, social networks and posters.

Spain.- Raise awareness through art and body language. This is by the Vitoria-Gasteiz City Council Public Health Service among adolescents and young people. Risks of gambling and sports betting.

The campaign, aimed at young people between the ages of 14-21, uses artistic-creative pieces that are close to the concerns and feelings of its target audience as a means of expression.

“Addictions worry us because they are a serious public health issue and we focus specifically on those that result from gambling and sports betting, as they affect the youngest segment of the population. For this reason, we consider it necessary to continue our efforts to inform, raise awareness and prevent through such campaigns that we are promoting today.” Sports and Health Council Member, Livia López.

It is an initiative born out of political consensus, which is the best way to assume the responsibility that we, the institutions, undertake in terms of preventing and preventing the damages caused by games of chance and sports betting.”

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“We continue to introduce one more year much needed campaign Among the youth aged 14-21, a population that has approached gambling and betting with a certain lightness many times over, preventing and combating gambling, sports betting and gambling in a field of action that we cannot leave ourselves alone, without real awareness, without knowing the true extent of the risk of addiction it implies. It may seem harmless to them when it’s not.” Elkarrek’s spokesman, Oscar Fernandezorganization that contributed a budgetary contribution for the campaign.

There is this campaign two parts: one for creation, the other for propagation. The first focuses on the creation of audiovisual and other dance works that revolve around these risks, social in nature and on the premise of expressing the risks of gambling and sports betting through art.

The creative team consists of young people from Vitoria-Gasteiz who have worked under the artistic direction of professionals in the creative field. This driving group is the group that defines the slogan of the campaign: “Get off your wheel, the bets will get you”.

The resulting pieces from this work are four videos that reflect the stages of creating an addiction. The episodes are meaningful on their own, but they also form a story:

  • The first, “Discovery,” talks about how an addiction usually begins;
  • Second, “El mirage” revolves around the false positive aspects of gambling and sports betting: having fun, playing or making money;
  • Third, ‘La perdida’ focuses on how money, friends and life in general disappear;
  • Fourth, ‘Alternative’ returns to the starting point and shows that there is an option to choose not to start playing at all.

These sections are completed with four dance pieces that recreate the same situations and emotions through bodily expression. These eight pieces that make up the campaign will be presented at a free-admission event in the Kubik room on Thursday, December 15th, until full capacity.

The campaign will continue. dissemination of content through posts on social networks and digital and physical signage all over the city.

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