Player's profile in Spain, younger and online

Player’s profile in Spain, younger and online

The profile of gamblers in Spain has revived over the last decade and although it has maintained the same negative results a few years ago, focuses on online arena and sports betting, while staying away from slot machines. This was expressed by Juan Lamas, coach of the Spanish Federation of Rehabilitated Gamblers (Fejar), and he is still more interested in face-to-face gambling.

In this context, the Ministry of Consumer Affairs launched the #PERO campaign, as stated in an announcement. corporate press release. Through a video, they try to warn of the risks of gambling at a time when new online players under the age of 25 rose from 28% in 2016 to 28%. 48% in 2021according to ministry data.

The online profile is alarming, but the associations do not overlook the in-person player

since its approval Law on gambling regulation 13/2011 where the concept of online gaming was introduced, disconnected from a certain region and issuance of first licenses Strategies for such a platform in 2012 attract new players To the web environment as Lamas explains. “Young and junior users fell into this network and were slowly implementing a new style of play,” he says.

Thus, gradually, according to the changes in the advertisement change in game mode and the inclusion of the online environment has been instrumental in creating a new profile for both the player and those going to the treatment centres. Specifically, according to Fejar’s director, the latter’s age decreased by about 30 years in the last decadeBeing a 26 or 27 year old man compared to 55 10 years ago.

The number of online players has almost doubled from 3.5%. 2017 to 6.7% 2019, according to data from the EDADES survey on alcohol and other drugs in Spain. But Lamas emphasizes that: the largest weight still corresponds to the face-to-face environment. “We’re talking about adults who join and can play online play, that doesn’t mean they’re leaving face-to-face play,” he says.

Gender gap persists in treatment of compulsive gambling

According to the expert, the profile of the average gamer remains face-to-face, as there is “an access control”, despite the availability of online games that anyone can access via mobile phones. To get into an online gambling page “you need to mark your identity and enter your address”, according to Lamas, while in person it’s easier: “I can buy a scratch card ONCE from any retailer”.

One thing that persists over time is the gender gap in the treatment of compulsive gambling. “One in three problem actors will be women (…), while in treatment centers we can’t reach 10% of women” indicates that those affected are underestimated.

Regardless, for a group of compulsive gamblers, the results remain equivalent to a decade ago, on both a personal and economic level. Previously, the profile of an average player with gambling problems, older and wealthier than the current player, could spend, for example, 600,000 euros, according to Lamas; They are currently able to allocate 20,000 euros.

“The point is that two spend 100% of what they havehe explains, which, according to him, results in a “systemic” problem, not just for the individual, and affects the entire society.


Juan Lamas, head coach of the Spanish Federation of Rehabilitated Gamblers (Fejar)

Press release from the Ministry of Consumer Affairs on the promotion of the #PERO campaign to raise awareness of gambling risks

Law No. 13/2011 of 27 May on gambling regulation

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EDADES research on alcohol and other drugs in Spain in 2019

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