20 people jailed for illegal gambling in Santa Fe

20 people jailed for illegal gambling in Santa Fe

20 convicts and 10 probation in illegal association mega case for using illegal games, defrauding state government and paying bribes.

Argentina.- Finally, penalties for 30 people who are part of a mega cause for illegal gambling in the province Santa Fe. At the Reconquista Courts, the criminal judge Claudia Bressan convicted 20 people who received different sentences according to each case. 10 more people will have to meet probation.

Attributed crime figures included covert gambling, illegal association and fraud to the state, as well as bribery and bribery, which deserved compensation and compensation to the state, as well as the seizure of unauthorized gambling in an ideal contest.

20 people were sentenced to three (3) years in prison for probation, which includes establishing an address where they can be found, refraining from using drugs and alcoholic beverages, not committing new intentional offenses, particularly those indicted in this case; obtaining a trade, industry or profession; and take a course against responsible gambling or compulsive gambling that needs to be taught Santa Fe Lottery At the Reconquista, before or until 30 June 2023.

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Penalties accepted by the parties prosecutor Ruben Martinez and defense attorneys approved by Judge Bressán, who ordered the monies seized during the raids during the investigation to be allocated as follows: 80 percent as compensation to the complainant (Santa Fe State), the remaining 20 percent as a fine and the Office of the Prosecutor (MPA) in favor.

These percentages represent the money invested in Banco de Santa Fe fixed-term certificates divided by the sum of AR$737,914 and US$31,935, the total is estimated to be AR$18 million.

When asked about the final outcome of the process by local newspaper El Litoral, prosecutor Martínez said “we have come to a reasonable agreement, 20 convictions are not an everyday thing, there is great approval from official agents who have seen how their profits have increased”. As a result of the increase in collection, stealth game reduced today”.

At the end of his interview with the press, he offered his special thanks to the “MPA Investigation Agency”, the Lottery people and the public authorities for helping me carry out an extraordinary investigation that I could not do alone. agents who are always with me, accompanying me.”

The investigation began in 2018. The prosecutor reminded that the investigation took a long time against 36 people divided into three lines: “One line is the leaders, the second line is the closest collaborators, and the third line is the “lifters”, those with kiosks and others,” he explained. Those sentenced to “probation” or suspension from trial 10 people are on the third line.

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