816 bares que cuentan con máquinas de apuestas en Navarra tienen que idear en un año sistemas de control para menores

816 bars with betting machines in Navarra have to develop control systems for minors within a year.

this Navarra Foral Gambling Law One of its articles requires that places with the status of bars, cafeterias, show cafes and private bars and authorized to have betting machines design an access control system for these minors within a period of 18 months. Persons with disabilities or registered persons who have prohibited gambling cannot use the machine. Since the regulations were approved in the summer, they have the year 2023 to strengthen said control and verify that the person making the bet is allowed to do so.

The regulation was issued yesterday in line with the day that was made yesterday. civilian promoted by Caja Navarra Foundation and to present the results of the study Project Man, Antox and Aralar On gambling and the prevention of games of chance where it is appropriate to distinguish between state competition in online betting and lotteries and regional competition for casinos, bingos, in-person betting rooms and slot machines. featured day Mikel Arana, Head of Gaming at the Ministry of Consumer Affairs, and together Jesús Carrascosa, of the Provincial Police’s Games and Demonstrations Brigade.

Secondly, the technical control system is very complex, saying that “so far they have only played bingo, but now the bars where the betting machines are located must have mechanisms to prevent the participation of minors and self-banned persons, so that face-Carrascosa, Navarra is prohibited from State gambling and registered in the state register. or face-to-face control, just as there is control in online gambling, because it has a gateway that allows it to identify people registered with the private Community registry Foral. . Provincial Police Department announced Navarre There are 1,427 operating permits for betting machines, but in reality Local authority 816 to own betting machines. Betting does not work as with slot machines and the fee paid by the operator is paid while the machine is running, not just for registration”. The most prominent content of the comprehensive regulations approved by the Parliament of Navarre was the establishment of a distance of at least 400 meters from the betting houses not only to each other (this was something already included in the previous regulations), but also to the mandatory. whether the minimum distance to schools, health, education or rehabilitation centers. “With this law, which was approved in July, there was a before and after in gambling regulation in the Foral Community,” Carrascosa said.

Ana Isabel Estévez and Antonio Castaños at Civican yesterday.

Among the data he provided, the representative examined historical milestones of regulation in Navarra, which has had exclusive jurisdiction in Lorafna since 1982 and passed the first Gambling Law in 1989. standards in force thirty years ago. In the Games and Shows Brigade of the Foral Police, consisting of an inspector, two assistant inspectors, three first agents and eight agents, the Navarre rivalry in online gambling, the scope of action is only for the Foral Community.

Controls and data

Carrascosa said that the Inspection Plan they created establishes a control program for specialized organizations. These are two monthly inspections of bingo halls, quarterly inspections of arcades and betting houses, and annual inspections of fairgrounds, town halls and stands. Between 2017 and 2020, 1,667 inspections were carried out and only three offenses were identified besides minors who bet on betting machines in bars (i.e. not detected during the Inspection Plan).

There are 66 private gambling businesses in Foral Community, of which 63 have allowed the installation of betting machines. There are 541 slot machines and 333 betting machines at the 63 locations mentioned. According to geographical distribution, Pamplona has 28 game rooms, 6 betting shops and 2 bingo halls, the District has 13 halls and a store, Ribera has ten halls, a store and a bingo hall, three halls. Estella, one in Tafalla, another in Alsasua, and one in Urdax. The largest concentration of such venues is in the Rochapea neighborhood of Pamplona, ​​with 28 gaming halls, 6 betting shops and two bingo halls.

Targeting professionals working in youth and adolescent prevention, the conference included a roundtable discussion with University of Deusto professor Ana Isabel Estévez, head of the asociados research line on substance-free addictions and cognitive-emotional and relational processes. Antonio Castaños Monreal (general health psychologist, master’s degree in health psychology, addiction intervention specialist and co-author of the “¡Qué te jugas!” Prevention program), who talks about gambling prevention from a gender perspective.

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