Healthcare reform will change EPS membership model

Healthcare reform will change EPS membership model

health reform was raised by State of the Gustavo Petroand expected to be presented first 2023 quarterplans to strengthen its healthcare delivery network and Change The connection model of Colombians to the healthcare system.

as described by Minister of Health, Carolina Mushrooms: “Citizens do not have to participate, they have to register. the user will records in the health center, because they are cared for there today and will be recorded there.”

The portfolio head firmly stressed that although the connectivity model may change, the scheme that allows for the funding of Healthcare Providers will be changed. will stay the same.

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According to the minister, at the moment, health contribution payments and financing with taxes will not change: “The contributions we pay, we workers, will have to continue to do them. On the other hand, the system is financed by taxes. This is how the system has always been financed and will continue in this way.”

However, given the doubts caused by the lack of clarity, financing what does he want State inside that health reform, EPS They raised their voices out of concern. open In the financing that the changes proposed by the Ministry can create.

Organizations such as the Colombian Comprehensive Pharmaceutical Companies Association (NOVICE)Health Insurance Management Companies Association (Gestarsalud) and the National Association of Family Compensation Funds (Colleague) expressed their concern over the regulation. Pay Per Capita (UPC) until 2023. Ministry of Health had already determined the increase as slightly exceeded %12However, the Health Promotion Organizations are responsible for the contribution to be made from the State. 18%.

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Paula AcostaACEMI chief executive said: “We are facing a very difficult closing for 2022 and urgent measures are needed by the national government to accelerate the flow of resources, especially the maximum budgets of 2.6 trillion pesos are making a positive impact for this industry.”

UPC up to 18% according to healthcare providers, sync This amount will benefit those close to both regimens. 50 million affiliated Colombians.

Another aspect of financial concern for organizations is the liquidation of EPS. Statearrives three organizations liquidated and one more, each receiving asset has a financial burden attachment close 19% for each user

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“We have an estimate of the consolidated red numbers that show that the organizations that received the transferred users are the ones that are defaulting on the financial indicators,” said ACEMI chief executive officer.

Unions will meet State next 19 November to identify problems such as transfers and resources until 2023 8 trillion pesos.

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