"There is more interest in local languages"

“There is more interest in local languages”

MADRID, 14 December (EUROPA PRESS) –

javier sierra defended it Spanish “healthy”, cShe regretted that Spanish was not valued as much in Spain as abroad, as evidenced by Spain’s presence at the Frankfurt Book Fair or the Slovenian Book Fair.

“It’s something we don’t see paradoxically. We care and protect local languages ​​more than our language.. Outside of Spain, the language has 500 million speakers, it has tremendous appeal, and it’s because of the culture behind it, not the language itself. We have to raise awareness of all public sectors to which we export the most valuable thing we have.In an interview with Europa Press during the presentation of his podcast with Podimo, the author noted: “The Return of Tutankhamun”.

Javier Sierra believes the industry is experiencing a “timely and healthy” moment, as evidenced by the fact that “book sales are skyrocketing like never before” despite being also “sensitive”. because “there must be mechanisms to continue to encourage reading so that people can reconcile not only with their families but also with reading”. “Everything depends on our time management, and this is the great challenge of our civilization.‘ he underlined.


According to him, access to libraries should be encouraged, reading clubs should be encouraged, and it should be a social thing, not just individual. It also reflected, in his opinion, current Spanish politics. “more eloquence needed” and advised leaders to read Cicero.

His new project argues that, in his own words, it “regains a lost narrative form” such as the oral tradition, and “will get many to read” for the author and “add a new dimension” to literature. , wrapped in technology”.

I’m not making anything up. It is the return of literature to its primary form. Oral tradition has always favored the bards.“, pointed

Sierra has defended this project as it can reach many people and is confident that other writers will take up these initiatives. Confirming that he will continue to experiment with stories written for podcasts, the author said, “No fewer books will be read because of these initiatives. Moreover, I think it’s like an invitation to explore reading.”


“The Return of Tutankhamun”A story detailed by Javier Sierra recounting how Tutankhamun’s tomb was discovered in 1922.The story begins from a journey through time as a writer, to the time of Howard Carter, who discovered the tomb, and a conversation we had with the Duke of Alba on a long journey.revealed.

Divided into six sections of 30 minutes each, the work, as he defines it, is an audio fiction, but he did not compromise much from the editing, explaining that “but the format is fictional”. Sierra has always loved the radio format and envisions a great future thanks to technology and mobile phones in what she describes as the “golden age” for podcasts.

“It’s not just about chatting or making small radio shows anymore. It’s making the concept of the show loud. “I am one of the protagonists of the podcast, and there is a nonfiction episode that serves as a didactic mechanism to explain the discovery of the tomb.”

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